Apprenticeship Funding Opportunities


The Office of the Future of Work (OFOW) is dedicated to shaping an equitable economy of the future and ensures that Coloradans are equipped with the necessary education, training, skills, and tools to fully participate in the labor force. Registered apprenticeship programs (RAPs), when they reach their maximum potential, are considered the "gold standard" of training programs- offering employers a sustainable, skills-based, talent pipeline strategy and providing job seekers modern worker protections, clear career pathways, and an inclusive work environment. Learn more about the OFOW and apprenticeships

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The OFOW has three funding strategies under the Innovation, Diversity and Equity in Apprenticeship (IDEA) Grant to accelerate and diversify the Registered Apprenticeship system in Colorado: Scale-Up Grants, Accelerate Apprenticeship Grants, and Apprenticeship Scholarships. Learn more about each and sign up for updates below!

Accelerate Apprenticeship Grants: Now Accepting Applications


Accelerate Apprenticeship Grants encourage employer adoption of registered apprenticeship in the state of Colorado. Receive up to $7,500 in grant funding!

Applications are now open and will be collected on a rolling basis and funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds run out.

Employers not yet involved in a registered apprenticeship receive: 

  • $5,000 once they register their own or join an existing apprenticeship program and hire an apprentice
  • $2,500 once they retain an apprentice for six months
  • Assistance from the OFOW to register or join an existing apprenticeship program

How to Apply

  1. Review the Opportunity Overview 
  2. Complete the Pre-application Checklist
  3. Complete an online application (link below) 


View the Info Session from Nov 15

Eligible Entities 

  • Employers that meet the following criteria: 
    • Not yet involved in a Registered Apprenticeship Program
    • Intend to employ apprentice(s) in the state of Colorado 
    • Have not directly received the Scale-Up Grant from the Office of the Future of Work 

A single entity cannot receive both the Scale-Up Grant and the Accelerate Apprenticeship Grant as both grant opportunities are currently funded by the IDEA Grant. Please see this document for a comparison of the two grant opportunities.

Ready to apply? 

Please be aware that the application and attachments must be completed in their entirety to be considered for funding. 


New to Registered Apprenticeship?

Review the basics benefits of registered apprenticeship for employers and job seekers

Not sure if registered apprenticeship is a good fit? Reach out to with the subject line “Accelerate Apprenticeship Grant: Learn More About Apprenticeship” to connect with a member of the OFOW Apprenticeship Team.

Scale-Up Grants


The Office of the Future of Work is pleased to announce over $1,191,000 in Cycle 1 Scale-Up Grants have been awarded in grant funds to 25 organizations across the state to support the growth of registered apprenticeship opportunities. 

Cycle 2 of Scale Up Grants are anticipated to launch in Spring 2023.  To receive updates regarding this funding opportunity, please sign up for this mailing list by selecting "Funding Opportunities". 

Funding Available for State Government Apprenticeships


The Office of the Future of Work (OFOW) announces the availability of $82,000 in Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) Grant Funds for the purpose of the development and expansion of registered apprenticeship in state government in Colorado. These funds will contribute to the initiative noted in an Executive Order signed by Governor Jared Polis on June 16, 2022, which requires state agencies to increase the number of registered apprenticeship programs in their departments.
Funding can support Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) development, specifically:

  • Provide a range of training services that support apprentices, including: classroom occupational training; development of curricula and standards; online and technology-based learning; accelerated and competency-based training that integrates academic and occupational skills training; and apprenticeship training costs and other supportive services.
  • Outreach and communication to support strategies for engaging employers, parents, educators, underrepresented populations, other critical stakeholders, and state residents; and explaining the benefits of apprenticeships.
  • Enhancing state system alignment and capacity and developing subject matter expertise to embed apprenticeship as a key training vehicle for state employees.

State government agencies that are interested in learning more about receiving ASE funding for registered apprenticeship development should complete this Apprenticeships in State Government- ASE Funding Interest Form. Funds will be disbursed on a rolling basis until funds are fully spent.