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The purpose of WIOA is to better align the workforce system with education and economic development in an effort to create a collective response to economic and labor market challenges on the national, state, and local levels. WIOA preserves the nation's current program infrastructure allowing continuity in the delivery of federally-funded employment services, workforce development, as well as basic education for adults, and vocational rehabilitation activities. The goal of WIOA is to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, increase economic self-sufficiency, meet skills requirements of employers, and enhance productivity and competitiveness of the nation. Transition from WIA to WIOA is now beginning nationally, in each state and in local communities.


  • Assist the CRWC in providing leadership in the over-all planning, implementation, and performance of the WIOA system activities and programs.
  • Follow progress of the State Workforce Development Council (WDC) for relevant planning, information and guidance.
  • Collect and review workforce data and best practices for data-driven and evidence-based recommendation and decision making.
  • Assist with the Identification of key pathways and sectors.
  • Review and combined gathered outcomes for the sub regional plans from other local WIOA planning committees.
  • Bring a draft WIOA local plan to the WDC in a timely manner that the WIOA requirements and provide a dynamic, innovative and effective workforce system of activities and programs to our local community for the WDC's input and final approval.
  • Assist with the monitoring of the workforce system's performance measures and its continuous improvement processes.
  • Review and approve any proposed changes to the WDB bylaws.
  • Create task forces or sub-committees as needed.


Meetings of the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium are held four times per year, two in person and two electronically.

Members and Length of Terms:

The number of members of the WDB may vary so long as the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act are met. At least fifty percent of membership must be from the private sector.

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Please use the Rural Consortium Workforce online application.

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