Covid-19 Pandemic Notices of Determination


Pandemic-Related Claims and Charges

Pandemic-related claim decisions (“Notice of Determination”) will be sent starting late July through early August 2021. Both employers and claimants will receive email and/or mail notices on each issue of each claim. CDLE has been processing these claims since the pandemic began, but the overwhelming volume of claims has left a large number that have not yet been processed.

CLAIMANTS: You are entitled to benefits from the claim you filed during the pandemic; this is not an indication of additional benefits or eligibility, simply the paperwork from your previous pandemic claim. Please note, the employer may still appeal this decision. Please be sure to participate in an appeal if you receive a notice. 

EMPLOYERS: Claims that were filed as a result of the pandemic will not be charged to your account. Please keep in mind that any decision you choose to appeal will go through the normal appeal process, and a claimant could be found entitled to benefits that would then be charged to your account. These decisions are being issued to properly adjust charging for your account prior to premium rate calculation for 2022. Although this is expected to positively impact your rate, we will be moving to the highest rate chart as a result of the trust fund balance. More information will be provided about 2022 rates in coming months.  

Pandemic-related unemployment claim decisions (“Notice of Determination”) were sent to employers and claimants late July through early August 2021. If you’re an employer click here for more information.