Paydays, Pay Periods, and Pay Statements

Payday Notice

Every employer must post a notice specifying regular paydays and the time and place of payment. The employer must also include any changes in paydays or time and place of payment as they may occur from time to time.

Pay Periods

The employer and employee may, by mutual agreement, determine the period of wage and salary payments. In the absence of such agreement, Colorado wage law provides: All wages or compensation shall be due and payable for regular pay periods of no greater duration than one calendar month or thirty days, whichever is longer. Regular paydays must be no later than ten days following the close of each pay period. The pay periods described above do not apply to compensation payments due an employee under a profit-sharing plan, a pension plan, or other similar deferred compensation programs.

It is the policy of the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics that any changes to either the pay period schedule or to the date of the payday must adhere to the time frames specified above (or such changes must be mutually agreed-upon by both employer and employee). Employers may not make changes that violate the calendar month or thirty-day pay period requirement for regular pay periods, nor may they make changes that violate the ten-day payday requirement, unless the employer and the employee mutually agree on any other alternative period of wage or salary payments.

Pay Statements

Colorado law requires employers to furnish to the employee an itemized pay statement. The pay statement must be made available to the employee once a month or at the time of payment of wages or compensation. The pay statement must contain the following:

  • Gross wages earned (It is the policy of the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics that gross wages refers to the gross wages for the specific pay statement, not gross wages for the year-to-date)
  • All withholdings and deductions
  • Net wages earned
  • The inclusive dates of the pay period
  • The name of the employee or the employee's social security number
  • The name and address of the employer


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