Show-Up Time Pay

Colorado wage law does not require that an employer pay an employee for what is commonly referred to as "show-up time" or "reporting time pay". Employers are only required to pay employees for actual time worked, services rendered, or the time during which the employee was suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so.

For example, if an hourly employee arrives at work as directed by the employer, and the employer then immediately sends the employee home without the employee performing any work or waiting to perform work, the employer does not have to provide any compensation to the employee. Moreover, employers are not required by Colorado wage law to provide a certain amount of hours of work. For example, if an hourly employee shows up as scheduled for an 8-hour shift, only works for one hour and is then immediately sent home as directed by the employer, the employee is only owed for the one hour of actual work.

However, informal, contractual, or other agreements between the employer and employee may require show-up payment to the employee, persons inquiring should consult with an attorney if such an agreement is believed to exist.


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