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Employer FAQ



No. Employers and TPAs will need to complete a one-time activation process for a new MyUI Employer+ account. We will send you the information you need to complete activation before the system goes live.

After the new system is live, users will not be able to access the old system.

Employers with active UI accounts will be sent a PIN code by either email or mail (depending on your communication preference). Employers will use that PIN code to activate their account in the new system.

Once your account is activated you may make any necessary updates to your account information using the self-service tools inside the employer portal.

Multi Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security for your account. After logging in, users will be presented with three options to receive temporary security codes: an authenticator app, text message, or email. Users are required to enroll in MFA in order to access MyUI Employer+ accounts.


Account Management

The modernized system no longer requires some of the information contained in the old Employer Account Number (EAN) format. The new EAN format will have two-fewer digits, and no decimal. Ex: Account number 123456.12-1 would become 01234561.

Users are encouraged to use the new EAN format in the new system, however both formats will be accepted.

Yes. MyUI Employer+ accounts will have a single account administrator with the ability to add multiple subusers. Users can be assigned any combination of roles and permissions to manage the account and perform actions inside MyUI Employer+.

Third Party Administrator (TPAs) relationships, including payroll service providers, can be added and managed inside employer portal. However, TPA relationships in place at the time of the Q2, 2023 filing deadline will be automatically transferred into the new system.

Note: Only Employer account administrators can add, assign, and manage TPA access to their employer account. TPAs will not be able to perform any actions for an employer inside MyUI Employer+ until they have been assigned to the employer account.

Employers and TPAs are required to have separate MyUI Employer accounts in order to maintain account ownership integrity. TPAs can be assigned any combination of roles and permissions once the employer account has been activated.

Yes. Account history data from the current year and the previous five years will be available in the employer portal when the new MyUI Employer+ system is live. Searchable data includes payment history, beneftis charges, and more.

Older data may be obtained by contacting the Employer Services line at 303-318-9100.


Wage Reporting

Employer wage reports will be uploaded inside MyUI Employer+. File formats have not changed, however additional file formats will be accepted in the new system. Files can be be delimited, ICESA, EFW2, or XML format.

Files uploaded inside MyUI Employer+ will be applied to the employer account immediately. 

Yes. All adjustments and amendments can be made inside MyUI Employer+. In many cases, adjustments will be implemented immediately. However, some adjustments may require staff validation before implementation.


Premium Payments

No, premium reports are no longer required. MyUI Employer+ will automatically calculate amounts owed based on submitted wage reports, and employer rates. 

Yes. Users can make EFT payments inside MyUI Employer+. You can also save banking information inside your account to streamline future payments, as well as schedule future online payments.

Paper checks will also be accepted when submitted with the required paper check voucher.


Claims Correspondences

Yes. If you are not able to respond to fact-finding requests in a timely manner due to the system outage or a delay in receipt of an employer’s PIN, you may receive a Loss of Protest (LOP) Notification. However, we are granting grace periods for fact-finding responses during this time of system maintenance, recognizing good cause for circumstances beyond your control that may have contributed to the untimely response. You should receive a notice that nullifies that original LOP. If you do not receive a nullification of your LOP by October 27th, please login to your MyUI Employer+ employer account and appeal the LOP decision.

Yes. Employers can search, view, and respond to fact-finding requests and claims inside MyUI Employer+. Users may also authorize SIDES for all claims responses.

Employers can submit protests and appeals inside MyUI Employer+. Employers can search benefits charges using a variety of search criteria in the search function inside the employer portal.

Correspondences from the UI Division, including claims correspondences, will be available inside MyUI Employer+. Correspondences can be searched, viewed and accessed in the employer inbox, and correspondences tabs from the Employer portal homepage.


More Frequently Asked Questions

Employers will no longer be able to submit paper filings after the launch of the new system. All correspondence to and from the UI Division will now be delivered electronically.

Employers may apply for a non-electronic correspondence waiver if you wish to continue submitting paper filings. Waivers expire annually and must be renewed.

Waivers may be requested from Employer Services at 303-318-9100 (Denver metro) or 1-800-480-8299 (toll free).

The UI premium and wage reporting system has not changed in more than 40 years. Modernizing the system streamlines the way employers and TPAs conduct business with the UI Division.