Your Unemployment Account

I had to close my business or greatly reduce my services. Will I be charged for benefits paid to my employees?

No, if you pay premiums based on your employees wages and the reason the employee filed the claim is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, benefits will not be charged to your account.

If you are a reimbursing employer who only pays for benefits paid, you will be charged for 50 percent of the benefits charged. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act provides for the Federal Treasury to pay the other half through 12/31/20.

My employee tested positive for Coronavirus and filed for unemployment while quarantined. Will those benefits be charged to my account?

No. To receive regular unemployment benefits, the worker must be able and available to return to work. However, a federal law goes into effect on April 2 requiring many employers to pay sick time. Review this fact sheet for more information.

If the employee remains sick or under quarantine beyond the time that Emergency Sick Leave or Family Medical Leave runs out, the individual may be eligible for the expanded unemployment benefits available through the CARES Act. Any benefits paid under those programs will not be charged to your account.

I am unable to submit my quarterly unemployment reports and premium payment because me or my family members are in quarantine or my business operations are severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. What do I do?

The Unemployment Insurance Division will consider your reports timely and waive any late fees or interest accrued. Contact us at cdle_employer_services@state.co.us or 303-318-9100 and submit the reports when you can.

What would the employer need to do on it's part so that the paperwork is correct?

For unemployment insurance, the employer receives at least two forms after a claim is filed. One shows the wages reported for the named employee and also the potential charges to your account, please review this form against your wage records and make sure wages are correct for the time period shown. Follow the instructions if a correction is needed.

The second form asks for the reason the named employee is not working. Please complete the form and return it by the deadline. If an employer is signed up for SIDES, the requests for these forms may be sent electronically.

How do I sign up to return claim forms electronically?

An employer can respond to claim and job-separation forms electronically in MyUI Employer

Once you log in, choose Email Notifications from the main landing page. An employer can sign up for e-Response Notifications and choose which responses they would like to do electronically. See the MyUI Employer User Guide for more detailed instructions.

What if my business is exempt from normally paying unemployment premiums, but we would like to set up an account to cover our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A business normally exempt from paying unemployment premiums may voluntarily elect to provide coverage for their employees. To voluntarily elect, an employer needs to complete an Application for Unemployment Insurance Account and Determination of Employer Liability (UITL-100) and Voluntary Election to Become a Liable Employer, (UITL-27). If also a nonprofit 501c3, the employer needs to complete the UI Payment Election (UITR-13). All forms can be downloaded from the Employer Forms & Publication page.

Send the completed forms to cdle_employer_services@state.co.us. We can backdate the election to 1/1/19. The election is in place for a minimum of two calendar years.

The employer will then be sent the premium and wage reports for all four 2019 calendar quarters. Complete and submit the quarterly reports with premium payments to make wages available for claims. The employer will need to submit reports for all of 2020 to complete the two calendar years.



I would like to avoid a layoff if possible. Can the Work Share Program help me? 

Yes, the Work Share program lets businesses temporarily reduce the hours of their employees, instead of laying them off during economic downturns. Technically referred to as short time compensation, the goal of work sharing programs is to reduce unemployment. The Division of Unemployment Insurance offers a Work-Share Program as an alternative to laying off your employees. Visit the web site to see if your business qualifies.

A layoff is necessary. How can the Department of Labor and Employment assist me?

Employers experiencing a reduction in workforce are eligible for support services including consultation on layoff aversion strategies, onsite workshops for employees in transition, job placement assistance, and information on unemployment benefits. Our Rapid Response program provides more information here.

What is the turn-around time for an employer to apply for the Work Share Program?

We will process your application within a week after receiving it.

I need to reduce hours for my workers temporarily. Can they file for unemployment benefits and will those be charged to my account?

Yes, employees whose hours have been reduced can file for unemployment benefits. If the reason for the reduction in hours is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, benefits will not be charged to your account. If you reimburse the division for benefits charged, you will have to pay 50% of the benefits charged. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act provides for the Federal Treasury to pay the other half through 12/31/20.

Can the employer "furlough" the employees (rather than terminate) and would this qualify as the employees being "job attached" meaning they would be expected to return to the employer in up to 16 weeks. Would these furloughed employees be able to get unemployment benefits?

Yes. An employee who has been temporarily laid off or furloughed should file an unemployment claim and indicate that he or she expects to return to work, which would make them job attached.

Do I have to pay my employees their PTO when I temporarily lay them off?

No. If you plan to bring your employees back to work, you are not required to pay PTO or vacation pay.

Can I require my employees to take vacation time or PTO?

You may require them to take vacation time or PTO. If you pay them for this time, it may affect when unemployment benefits can start.

Can I continue to pay my employees health care benefits while they are laid off?

Yes, you may continue to pay for employee's health care benefits. It will not have an impact on their unemployment benefits because it is not counted as earnings.