Wage reports can be submitted via the Secure Transport File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application. Note that you may submit only wage reports via FTP, premium reports (Form UITR-1) must be submitted via MyUI Employer or by U.S. mail with the paper form.

Colorado will be making changes to the FTP file format later this spring. The good news is that those changes will not be implemented before the first quarter due date.

As a reminder, you currently provide 03, 06, 09, or 12 to represent the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter, along with the year, in the format QQYYYY. With the upcoming change, you will need to provide the year first, and the quarter next as 01, 02, 03, or 04, in the format YYYYQQ.

*Example for 4th quarter of 2019:

  • Current format: 122019

  • New format: 201904

We will also be making another change later this spring for employers who submit wages for only their Employer Account Number using FTP. In order to continue to use FTP, those employers will have to register with MyUI Employer.
More information will be emailed to you in the near future.

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New Users

If you have never submitted a wage file through FTP, you are required to submit a test file in the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (ICESA) format. CDLE will validate the format of the test file for you, and then provide a unique User ID and Password to use for submitting quarterly wage files.

Please read our instructions to get started.

Confirming / Updating the Submitter's Email Address

Each quarter you will be prompted to confirm or update the email address associated with your FTP account when you log in. The email address you provide will be used to communicate success or failure of your wage file upload and any issues with specific records within the file. You must confirm or update your email address in order to upload a wage file each quarter.

Resetting a Password

Please call 303-318-9094 if you lose or forget your password.

Formatting Resources

An Excel tool is available to assist you in formatting your employee wage data into the ICESA format.


    Get Started
    1. Download the Excel Formatting Tool.
    2. Enable your macros (Instructions: Microsoft Office Help)
    3. Fill in the columns with your data

    Filling in the Columns
    Column A - Social Security Numbers
    • Must be a valid SSN of nine numeric characters
    • Do NOT mask any characters
    • Do NOT use dashes or spaces


    Column B - Last Names
    • Do NOT include apostrophes
    • 20 characters maximum


    Column C - First Names
    • 12 characters maximum


    Column D - Middle Initial
    • 1 character (not required)


    Column E - Wages
    • $2,508.00 should be entered as 250800
    • Do NOT include a currency sign ($)
    • Do NOT include a decimal


    Column F - Employer Account Number
    • Do NOT include a dash or decimal
    • Must be a valid Employer Account Number of nine numeric characters


    Column G - Seasonal worker's wages
    • 1 character only = S
    • Do NOT use seasonal status if the business has not applied for and received approval to be a seasonal employer Apply for seasonal status


    Column H - Identifying information about the submitter
    • Each time this workbook is opened, the Quarter and Year will be blank.
    • All other fields will be saved. Complete all text fields


    Creating the File
    1. Click the CREATE FTP FILE button to create the new ICESA formatted text file.
    2. The new file will save in the My Documents folder. If there is a problem saving to that location, you will be asked for a location to save the file.
    3. The file saves when you click [CREATE FTP FILE] button.
    4. Close: DO NOT SAVE after clicking [CREATE FTP FILE] button.
    5. Navigate to My Documents (or other location) and upload your text file to the FTP Secure Website

    Contact Us

    If you have questions or have lost your FTP User ID or Password.
    please call 303-318-9094.