Office of Education and Training Innovation

The Office of Education and Training Innovation


A connected system of education that is more responsive to supporting our students, families, businesses, and economy


Today's Landscape

As automation, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies continue to transform the way we learn and work, employers and workers are working to remain competitive in an increasingly digital and global economy. In order to ensure Colorado’s near- and long-term prosperity, workers of all backgrounds need opportunities to upskill or reskill and employers need a deeper talent pool in order to address their skills gaps.

Opportunity is Abundant

To address the challenges facing Colorado’s workforce, the Office of Education and Training Innovation is working on:

  • Determining what credentials exist in high schools, higher education, and at work, and who has access to them. This work helps Colorado better understand how to equip its residents with the skills they need to succeed.
  • Advocating for skills-based education and training to support student learning through increased engagement and relevance.
  • Adapting our existing systems to better respond to business and industry skills needs. modernize and be more responsive to the skills needed by business and industry.
Group of workers listening attentively and writing down notes


"We envision a future where employees will no longer need to stop-out of work to learn, but be able to learn on-the-job to gain marketable skills to advance and meet business needs." – BEL Commission

Colorado Talent (By the Numbers)



90% of Colorado’s top jobs require a credential past high school
(2020 TPR)


77% of all Colorado jobs require digital skills
(2020 FOW Report)


60% of Coloradans have a certificate or degree


30% of workers are transitioning jobs or resigning
(Visier 2020)