What We Do


The Office is lean and primarily works in partnership with state agencies and communities to advance immigrant integration goals. New Americans face challenges similar to those that all Coloradans encounter - a lack of access to affordable and reliable childcare, transportation, healthcare, and economic opportunity - and as the state responds to such issues, partnerships are key to advancing equity for New Americans in programs developed to address them. The Office's work includes:



Developing and Implementing a Statewide Integration Plan. The Office is responsible for the development and implementation of statewide strategy to facilitate economic stability and promote successful economic, social, linguistic, and cultural integration by investing in the success of immigrants in Colorado. The plan is in development. 



Interagency Coordination: The Office coordinates with and makes recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, and state agencies on the ways to improve policies and programs to support immigrant integration across the state. Examples of this work include: 



Supporting the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund: As made possible through 21-1194, the Office grants funds to advance universal legal representation in the state to immigrants facing deportation, to include legal representation to those in detention or those seeking affirmative asylum. In 2022, these funds were granted to the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network.



Advance Global Talent Solutions: Office staff assists workforce development programs and employers to tap into the talents and skills of Colorado’s New American population to advance shared economic prosperity.



The Office prioritizes work that advances economic prosperity; improves access to programs for which New Americans are eligible; and contributes to the dialogue by sharing stories and data on the ways that New Americans contribute to the state’s civic, economic and social lives.

Perspectives Informing the Work


The entirety of the office’s work is guided by three considerations, which emphasize the importance of:



Understanding that individuals may need different investments in order for everyone to succeed.


Acknowledgement of the diversity of the communities in Colorado, including within the community of New Americans.


Representation of diversity of perspectives and input from all types of stakeholders.