Apprenticeship Training

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Resources for Business Services

Business service professionals and the Apprenticeship Team support before, during, and after a program is launched. Here are some resources to understand the business services role in apprenticeship, how business services connect to apprenticeship, and what resources are available for employers.

Resource Links


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Resources for Career Services

Career service professionals support career seekers to understand, find and be successful in apprenticeship. Here are some resources to understand the career services role in apprenticeship, how career services professionals can help job seekers determine if apprenticeships are a good fit for them, and what resources are available to support job seekers in their search.

Resource Links
  • Colorado Apprenticeship Resource Directory: A comprehensive resource list of RAPs developed by CDLE and enacted by Senate Bill 19-171. Career coaches should use this as a reference, it does not indicate whether or not the program is actively accepting applications. 
  • Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL): Resource to indicate programs authorized to pay for individual training accounts (ITAs) for WIOA Title I Adults and Dislocated Workers in Colorado. RAPs are pre-approved to be on the ETPL and have streamlined reporting requirements. Pre-apprenticeships, unregistered collegiate and youth apprenticeships, and industry-recognized apprenticeship programs (IRAPS) are approved through standard procedures. 
  • Funding Streams Desk Aid for WFC Staff: Up-to-date information on apprenticeship funding through workforce centers.
  • CWDC Work-based Learning Resources and Funding: Compiled semi-annually, information on work-based learning resources and funding available through various agencies/government partners.