State Extended Benefits

Under normal circumstances, unemployment insurance in Colorado provides up to 26 weeks of benefits. However, in certain circumstances, the availability of benefits is extended through temporary programs.

State Extended Benefits (SEB)

State Extended Benefits (SEB)

Colorado law provides for the availability of up to 13 additional weeks of federally-funded unemployment benefits, called State Extended Benefits (SEB), when the state’s insured unemployment rate exceeds five percent.

When available, SEB is added automatically for eligible claimants who have exhausted all other benefits.

Once the insured unemployment rate falls back below five percent, however, SEB becomes unavailable. When that happens, per federal rules, SEB cannot be triggered again for at least 13 weeks, even if the insured unemployment rate increases above five percent again.

SEB is currently OFF as the insured unemployment rate has fallen below five percent. The last payable week of SEB is the week ending November 28, 2020.

Have You Exhausted All Benefits?

If you’ve exhausted your eligibility for unemployment benefits under all the available programs, there are a number of additional resources available through other state and local agencies, including programs to assist with rent, food, and medical expenses. For more information, please visit our Assistance Programs page.