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Respond to Job Separations


Employers can respond to job separations in two different ways:

  • Fax the Request for Facts About a Former Employee's Employment: Form UIB-290, to 303-318-9014. For questions about completing the "Request for Facts About a Former Employee's Employment" call 303-318-9055

  • Access MyUI Employer+, an online tool for Employers.

Responding to Unemployment Insurance Claim Documents

Here are a few tips to ensure your UI documents are processed as quickly as possible.

Please DO:

  • Use the online portal to respond to questionnaires, file an appeal, or upload supporting documentation as one complete document when possible, rather than faxing or mailing. If you absolutely must fax a document, please use the fax number listed on the form you are responding to.
  • Return the barcoded CDLE form with any supporting documentation, and put that form on the top! Please do this even when sending your own forms as the barcode tells us which issue the documentation belongs with.
  • Include the Claimant ID number on any pages that are not a barcoded CDLE form.
  • Make sure all pages are in the proper order with the CDLE barcoded form being on top of any supporting documentation for each form, especially when returning multiple forms.
  • If you are unable to return the CDLE  form, include the form’s Document ID on all pages. This can be found at the bottom left corner of the form.
  • Report fraud online by submitting an employer fraud report form.

Please Don't:

  • Include a cover page other than the CDLE barcoded form when submitting documents by fax.
  • Upload one page at a time for multiple page documents (submit as one complete document when possible).
  • Return forms by mail or fax to report fraud.
  • Add two claimants’ info on the same page.

Online Tools For Employers

MyUI Employer+ offers many conveniences, including an online tool called the "State Information Data Exchange System" (SIDES) found in the MyUI Employer+ system.

Both large, multi-state and small employers are encouraged to sign up to receive and respond to job-separation notifications using SIDES.


Benefits For Employers Participating In SIDES

Employers have the ability to use SIDES, to respond to the "Request for Facts About a Former Employee's Employment," Form UIB-290, in an easy and efficient online format.

  • Receive a date-stamped confirmation, avoiding time and cost of unnecessary hearings.
  • Employers gain access to attach additional documentation to their Job-Separation responses.
  • Eliminate delays related to mail delivery.
  • Access speedy and efficient resolution of job separation-related issues.
  •  Keep premium rates and business costs low due to the reduction of state and employer-related administrative costs by reducing improper payments through a streamlined fact-finding process.
How to Sign Up For SIDES


  1. Login to MyUI Employer+
  2. Click "SIDES E-Response" hyperlink on the Employer Home page
  3. Complete the sign up process as prompted by the system.