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Division of Labor Standards and Statistics


About Us

Through the Office of Labor Standards (LS), DLSS interprets, investigates, issues guidance and rules on, and enforces labor law on various aspects of: wages (minimum, overtime, deductions, etc.); health-related leave and whistleblowing; employee privacy rights (limits on inquiries into credit history, criminal record, or social media); union-management relations (elections and certain grievances); transparency in posting job and promotion opportunities; public contracting; and youth employment.

Through the Office of Labor Market Information (LMI), DLSS collects, calculates, and analyzes information on the state of, and trends in, labor markets throughout Colorado. Through the “LMI Gateway” site, LMI presents its data in various ways: industry employment and wages; current and projected industry and occupation levels; occupational wages; and labor force employment and wages. LMI also provides more customized information and analyses that help workforce centers, unemployment insurance, and policy-makers serve all Coloradans.



Annual Minimum Wages


DENVER MINIMUM WAGE (see 2021 Local Minimum Wage Report)*

Year Full Minimum Wage with tip credit for tipped employees
2023 $13.65    at least $10.63 $17.29
2022  $12.56  at least $9.54 $15.87
Guidance on applying minimum wage (INFO #1)* & tips (INFO #3)*
*Italicized text links to the referenced documents