What is a CDLE stakeholder?

A CDLE stakeholder is any individual, group, or organization that is affected by our organization. Stakeholders may participate in rule drafting, rule hearings, rule revisions, stakeholder meetings held by the agency, public hearings, agency boards and commissions, townhalls, regular email updates, and build relationships with our agency rulemaking staff. We strive to partner effectively and meaningfully with all stakeholders -- this engagement is critical to our effectiveness in providing value for the good of Colorado.

How to Become a Department Stakeholder
  • To sign up to be a stakeholder for any or all of CDLE’s divisions or to discuss rulemaking within these divisions, it is best to visit the division’s rulemaking webpage or reach out to the specific divisional contact. To find out more about the focus, boards, or programs of a specific division or office, check out our Divisions, Boards, & Programs page below.
Stakeholder Communications