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Workforce Partner Resources Homepage
Workforce Partner Resources Homepage

Workforce Partner Resources Home Page


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Partner Resources

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment (CDLE) strives for excellence by collaborating in many different ways with our Workforce Development staff and partners!


Some of those efforts can be found through the following links and programs, which provide resources and information not only to the CDLE - Employment & Training staff and workforce system, but also for the other state, federal and local government agencies, and our partner agencies and constituents throughout the nation who have a combined interest in collaborating with our department to develop a strong workforce for Colorado.






Federal, state and local (ex. county or city) government tools, websites and resources are given to assist our partner agencies in the support of Workforce Development and Employment & Training programs and services. 


State/Local Government Tools & Websites

  e-Colorado Portal                          Pathway To Recovery Resources                  Connecting Colorado    

  Virtual Job Fairs & Events               WIOA Guides & Frameworks (CWDC)    

Federal Government Resources

  Workforce Professionals (ETA)                Federal Resources (ETA)                ETA Advisories   


Partner workforce agencies and staff, access information and resources for assisting WIOA - youth and customers in education, training and apprenticeship programs.


WIOA Youth: Education, Training & Programs

  WIOA Youth Service Providers         Provider List (ETPL)        WIOA Training & Program Information

  Governor's Summer Job Hunt           Apprenticeship Programs Directory      Apprenticeship Partners


Other Youth Services & Resources

  Youth Law       Youth Law Labor Library      Virtual Job Shadow      Internship Information

Partner workforce agencies and staff view program guidance letters (pgls), state reporting and planning information. 


State Government Information

  Policy Guidance Letters               Annual Reports               State Plans & Trainings   



Some of the internal and external workforce partner agencies we frequently work & collaborate with.


CDLE Agencies

  Unemployment Insurance           Vocational Rehabilitation            Colorado Workforce Development Council      


Other Agencies

  Colorado Workforce Centers            TalentFound                               My Colorado Journey              

  State Governor's Office                  Department of Education           Department of Higher Education     

  Department of Corrections            Department of Military & Veterans Affairs