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Contact the Division of Workers’ Compensation

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The Customer Service Call Center and Front Desk will be closed on April 22 and April 29. While closed on these dates, stakeholders will not have access to any of the services offered by this unit. If you need services, please contact them before the scheduled closures at


Contact Customer Service

Division of Workers' Compensation
633 17th Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202
1-888-390-7936 (Toll-Free)


Division of Workers' Compensation Email Addresses & Web Pages

UnitEmail AddressWeb Page
Education &
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Filing of First Reports
Fee Schedule
Medical Dispute Standards & Medical Billing Disputes
Medical Utilization Utilization Review - Rule 10
Prehearing & Settlement Conference & Settlement Conferences
Premium Cost & Loss Control
Provider Education 
Revenue Collection


Need to File Documents?

Please send the following to
  • General Admissions (WC 2)
  • Final Admissions (WC 4)
  • Petitions to Modify, Terminate, or Suspend (WC 54)
  • Request for Lump Sum Payment (WC 62)
  • *Motions to Close (WC 192) will be accepted only if you are able to provide email addresses for all parties, including the claimant, regardless of representation.*

The email should include:

  • Only one document
    • For example, FA with attachments, GA with Support for Return to Work
    • Do not attach multiple attachments
  • The subject line should include in this order:
    • WC#, Claimant first and last name, the type of document (FA, GA, Petition, Req for LS, MTC)
  • The Certificate of Service will be the date it was emailed to the Division of Workers' Compensation

We will not be requiring a hard copy to be submitted once you have access to regular mail, as previously instructed.

Please send the following to
  • Entry of Appearances (WC 6)
  • Worker's Claim for Compensation (WC 15)
  • Objections (WC 4 and WC 54)
  • Address changes (Claimant and Attorney)

To avoid delays and penalties, it's crucial to submit your filings to the correct place.

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