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ALERT: 5.13.24

A system error caused employer accounts to be suspended or terminated. If you have received a notice of suspension, potential suspension or termination in error, login to your MyUI Employer+ account and request reactivation under the “Account Maintenance” tab and file any missing reports (if necessary).

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Important Information & Updates


Non-Electronic Communications Waiver Clarification

Non-electronic communications waivers allow employers and TPAs to submit paper wage reports by mail only. All other requests and correspondences from the Division are still delivered electronically, regardless of an account’s waiver status. Employers and TPAs who would like to receive all Division requests and correspondence by mail must login to MyUI Employer+ and change their preferred delivery status to USPS.

Note: Employers and TPAs participating in SIDES can only view electronic correspondence in MyUI Employer+. SIDES users must complete Division requests using the appropriate SIDES exchanges.

Visit the How To Apply for a Non-Electronic Communications Waiver page for more information.

Missing Quarterly Wage Correspondence Update

The Demand Notice correspondence employers receive when there are missing wage reports on their account has been updated to make it more clear what the issue is, and the required action steps. The Demand Notice has been renamed to the Missing Quarterly Wage correspondence and includes more information about penalties for missing reports.

Penalties & Interest Corrections

Interest assessed for all employer accounts in January, February and March 2024 has been waived. This does not impact penalties. Additionally, penalties and interest on employer accounts with third party administrators (TPAs) that could not file on time due to system limitations in Q4 2023 have also been waived.

ACH Debit Payment Error (Chase Bank)

Users will see a new error message when an ACH Debit payment is rejected by the Chase interface. Users may submit a “Contact Us” request in MyUI Employer+ for assistance, or resubmit the payment using another bank account.


New Features in MyUI Employer+

Check out the latest system features and updates available to all MyUI Employer+ users:



Editable Wage File Templates

Editable wage file templates for delimited (.txt or .csv), ICESA, XML, and EFW2 file types are now available in MyUI Employer+. Links to download and edit sample file templates are located in the tooltips on each file type in the “Employment and Wage Detail Reporting” section.


Retroactive Wage Filing/Adjustments

Wage files and adjustments can now be submitted for the current year plus the 5 previous years, depending on liability.



Wage Filing and Reporting Updates

The “Copy from Previous Quarter” wage filing option text has been updated to clarify that Social Security Number (SSN) data is copied from the previously submitted quarter.

The “Employment Month'' assistive text has also been updated to clarify the required fields for wage submissions. Employers must indicate if an employee was paid during the payroll period which includes the 12th of each month. If an employee was employed in the payroll period based on the definition, select “Y”. If there is no employment for an employee in the payroll period based on the definition, select “N”.

What’s New for TPAs


View Employment and Wage Detail Calculation History Updates:

  • The “Taxable Wage Base” field has been renamed “Chargeable Wage Base,” and the “Contributions” field has been renamed “Premiums” on the screen.
  • A “Total Rate” field that includes the rate for the year has also been added. The rate will no longer be broken down by quarter.
  • TPA name now shows in the submitter section when a TPA makes changes to wage submissions.
  • “Chargeable Wages” and “Excess Wages” fields for each returned search result are now displayed on the search screen.


TPA Error Screen Updates

Usability and information updates have been made to the TPA Error screen.

MyUI Employer+ Online Portal


Employers and TPAs are no longer required to file separate premium and wage reports with their premium payments. Instead, premiums are calculated automatically in MyUI Employer+ based on the employer’s submitted wages.

MyUI Employer+ users can:

  • Pay electronically with EFT payment options

  • Pay voluntary premium payments, leasing company certification fees, and reimbursable employer securities electronically.

  • Search and view employer payment history.

  • Save banking information in the employer account for streamlined future payments.

Employers and TPAs can submit wage detail reports with multiple file upload options. Wage reports automatically trigger updates to qualification information on the employer account (if applicable).


MyUI Employer+ users can:

  • Submit delimited, ICESA, ESW2, XML, and zero (delimited) wage file formats.

  • Copy and submit wage detail information from the previous quarter.

  • Adjust submitted wage reports electronically.

  • Search and view previous wage reports.

  • Assign multiple contact to receive automatic correspondence and reminders.

Users can view and maintain the employer’s UI account information inside MyUI Employer+. The Employer Inbox sends automated messages, reminders, and other correspondences based on recent events and triggers in the account. There are multiple search option to find different pieces of information (documents, reports, benefits charges, etc.).

MyUI Employer+ users can:

  • Manage employer accounts with less reliance on UI staff.

  • View and initiate information changes on the Employer Home page.

  • Send and receive electronic correspondences instead of paper forms.

    • A valid non-electronic communications waiver is required to submit paper forms.

  • Respond to UI Division requests more timely online.

  • Search and view employer account information in one system.

MyUI Employer+ offers a new way to request help from UI staff. The built-in “Contact Us” feature allows account mangers to send inquires directly to the appropriate UI Staff.

MyUI Employer+ users can:

  • Upload documentation to UI staff.

  • Submit urgent customer service requests.

Employer users can add and manage TPA and payroll service provider relationships inside MyUI Employer+. TPAs must register for a TPA account in MyUI Employer+ and be assigned to an employer account in order to conduct business on behalf of the employer.

More on Employer/TPA relationships:

  • Form UTIL-18 (Power of Attorney) are no longer accepted to establish employer/TPA relationships.

  • Employers and TPAs must manage separate account, with separate login credentials, to ensure account ownership integrity.

  • TPAs and payroll service providers can be assigned any combination of roles to manage an employer account.

TPAs can use the same self-service features employers use to manage client accounts. MyUI Employer+ also offers additional features for TPA account managers to make servicing multiple client accounts more efficient.

TPAs can:

  • Manage all employer client accounts from one TPA account, and assign multiple TPA account managers.

  • Submit bulk payments and wage files for multiple clients at once electronically.

  • View, search, respond to correspondences on behalf of their clients electronically.

  • Access, mange, view client charges, protests, and more inside individual employer accounts.


Your Feedback Matters!

Your feedback will help us create the best MyUI Employer+ experience possible. The Unemployment Insurance Division is available to assist users with suggestions and issues encountered in the new system. Submit your feedback or request assistance using our request form.

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Fraud Reporting for Employers

Claims filed using stolen identities is a nationwide problem. If you receive a fact-finding questionnaire requesting information about an identified employee that still works for you, please visit our fraud page for next steps.

  Report Identity Theft for Employers