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ALERT | 9.27.2023 | 5:00pm
MyUI Employer is no longer operational. Employer Services phone lines are down and will not be operational until Tuesday, October 3rd. The system will be replaced with MyUI Employer+, our new premiums and wage system. MyUI Employer+ will go live for all employers on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Attention CO Employers & Third Party Administrators

Important MyUI Employer+ Dates & Information

Mark your calendar for these important dates:  

  • September 27th: Current MyUI Employer system is shut down. 

    • When the system shuts down, you will not have the ability to access any account information. 

    • Fact-finding requests due between September 27th and October 2nd can be submitted on October 6th with no penalty.

  • October 1st: TPA/Payroll Service Provider account registration begins.

  • October 3rd: General Employer account activation begins.

  • Any paper checks we receive on or after September 22nd are being held until the new system goes live. These payments may not be reflected in your new MyUI Employer+ account until October 6th.

  • The old MyUI Employer system will be accessible to you until September 27th, at 5:00 p.m. You will need to wait to access the new system on October 3rd.

ATTENTION: TPAs and Employers with TPAs/CPAs/Service Providers

The one-time activation of your new MyUI Employer+ account is critical for employers and third party administrators (TPAs) to establish roles and permissions in the new system. Regardless if you manage your current UI account or not, your TPA or payroll service provider cannot complete the MyUI Employer+ activation process for you. Because TPAs and Employers will be required to have separate MyUI Employer+ accounts, establishing roles and permissions in the new system will ensure you, your third party administrator, or payroll service provider can continue conducting business on your behalf with the UI Division.

What's New for Third Party Administrators (TPAs)


TPA /Employer relationships in place at the time of the Q2 2023 filing deadline will be automatically transferred into MyUI Employer+. The default roles assigned to TPAs during this process include the ability to file wage reports and make payments. If a TPA is already responding to fact-finding requests on behalf of an employer, they will automatically be assigned to do so in the new system.

For Existing TPA Relationships:

TPA relationships automatically transferred into MyUI Employer+ will require no further action from the employer once the employer account is activated. However, employers can update, change or add roles and permissions using the "Account Management'' tools inside MyUI Employer+ from their employer accounts.

For New TPA Relationships:

New TPA relationships will be added and managed by employers using the "Account Management" tools inside their employer account. Power of Attorney (POA) Form UITL-18 is no longer required. Instead, TPAs will be assigned an ID number that employers can use to search and assign their respective TPA to their employer account. TPAs cannot assign themselves to employer accounts at this time.

New Features in MyUI Employer+


Employers and TPAs will no longer be required to file separate premium and wage reports with their premium payments. Instead, premiums will be calculated automatically based on submitted wages and paid directly in the employer’s MyUI Employer+ account.

  • Automatically calculated premiums.

  • Electronic payments via EFT.

    • Non-electronic waiver required to submit paper check payments and paper wage reports.

  • Pay voluntary premium payments, leasing company certification fees, and reimbursable employer securities electronically. 

  • Search and view employer payment history.

  • Save banking information in the employer account for streamlined future payments.

Employers and TPAs will be able to upload wage reports with multiple file upload options. Wage reports will also automatically trigger updates to qualification information on the employer account (if applicable).

  • Files can be delimited, ICESA, ESW2, or XML format.

  • Select & upload the same wage information from the previous quarter.

  • Make wage adjustments inside the employer account.

  • Search and view previous wage reports.

  • Assign multiple contacts to receive automatic correspondence and reminders.

Users will view and maintain employer account information inside MyUI Employer+. The new employer inbox will send automated messages, reminders and other correspondence based on recent events and triggers in the account. There will also be multiple search options to find different pieces of information (documents, reports, benefits charges, etc.).

  • Self-service account management, with less reliance on UI staff.

  • View and initiate information changes on the employer homepage. 

  • Automated electronic correspondences instead of paper forms. 

  • Respond to fact-finding requests instantly. 

  • One system to search and view employer account information.

MyUI Employer+ will offer a new way to request help from UI staff. The Built-in Contact Us feature allows account managers to send inquiries to UI staff.

  • Electronic customer service requests to reduce phone call holding and transfer times. 

  • Inquiries automatically routed to proper department staff. 

  • Upload documentation for UI staff review.

  • Submit urgent customer service requests.

Employers will view, maintain, and specify TPA relationships inside their My UI Employer+ account.  Users have more independent capabilities and options to manage relationships and individual profiles. TPAs will register with their own profile to conduct actions on behalf of their employers without owning the Employer Account, and can administer multiple client accounts from their profile.

  • Form UTIL-18 Power of Attorney no longer required to update TPA roles and relationships.

  • Separate logins for employers and TPAs to ensure account ownership integrity. 

  • TPAs can be assigned any combination of roles to conduct business for employers.

  • New Employer/TPA relationships.

TPAs must register for their own MyUI Employer+ account before clients can link their employer account to their respective TPA. TPAs and their clients will manage roles and relationships inside the system. While TPAs will have the same features employers use, the new system also brings TPA-specific tools including:

  • One account login to manage all client accounts 

  • Bulk payments for multiple clients at once

  • Streamlined file uploading

  • Automated correspondences

  • Access, manage, view client charges, protests, and more

Your Feedback Matters!


Your feedback will help us create the best MyUI Employer+ experience possible. The Unemployment Insurance Division will continue seeking feedback from users before and after the launch of the new system. Submit your feedback using the MyUI Employer+ Employer Survey today!

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