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  Excel Downloads

The following file downloads are intended to provide complete datasets for researchers, economists, and other parties interested in viewing and analyzing labor market information data. All files are released on an annual basis and are available in Excel format.

You may also view years of Private Industry Size Class Reports and Current Population Survey demographic data.

FileRelease Date
Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, 2023April 2024
Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, by County, 2023April 2024
Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, by Workforce Region, 2023April 2024
Long-term Projections: Industry, 2022-2032July 2023
Long-term Projections: Occupational Growth & Education, 2022-2032July 2023
Short-term Projections: Industry, 2023-2025March 2024
Short-term Projections: Occupational Growth & Education, 2023-2025March 2024

  Career Outlook Flyers

These one-page flyers give a snapshot of the fastest growing occupations in Colorado and in various areas throughout the state. You’ll find information on careers that are expected to be the fastest growing occupations within the next 10 years, along with the level of education or training needed for entry-level employment in these fields, and wage ranges for each.

These flyers are produced annually in the fall, using wage information that comes directly from Colorado employers statewide. Last update: September 2023.

To request hard copies, please contact Lori at lori.kesler@state.co.us.

Higher EducationOn-the-Job Training
Colorado SpringsColorado Springs
Eastern and Southern ColoradoEastern and Southern Colorado
Fort CollinsFort Collins
Grand JunctionGrand Junction
Northwest ColoradoNorthwest Colorado
Southwest ColoradoSouthwest Colorado

  Pocket Resumes

Pocket resumes are a handy pocket-sized resource for jobseekers with helpful interview tips and fields for personal information. For print purposes only. To request hard copies, please contact Lori at lori.kesler@state.co.us.

 Accessible Pocket Resumes (fill-in)

Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) Publications

  Poster: Wages by Major Occupation Group

This two-page poster is produced annually, featuring average hourly and annual wages for Colorado's 22 major occupational groups. The data used is based on the previous year's estimates. To request a hard copy of this poster, please contact Lori at lori.kesler@state.co.us.

  Map of OEWS Areas

View a Colorado map with OEWS designation of seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and three Balance of State (BOS) areas.

Annual Reports

  OEWS Annual Wage Survey Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Colorado’s occupational employment and wage dynamics statewide, supplemented with a multitude of data tables and charts. Data are gathered from twice-yearly employer surveys on employee occupations and wages.

  Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund Status Report

Colorado state law requires the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) to produce an annual report on the financial condition of the unemployment insurance trust fund (UITF) for the Colorado General Assembly by August 31. 

  Workforce Information Grant to States Annual Performance Report

This annual report explains how the Office of Labor Market Information meets the grant requirements of the Employment and Training Administration Workforce Information Grants to States (WIGS).