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 Medical Treatment Guidelines

Medical Treatment Guidelines develops clinical practice guidelines based on the most up-to-date evidence. Our nine guidelines address occupational injuries that frequently occur in the Colorado workers’ compensation system and that are expensive to treat.

 Fee Schedule 

Rule 18 sets the maximum fees and associated payment policies for services provided in connection to treatment of an injured worker. Stakeholders are afforded the opportunity each year to provide input into this process. Recent Medical Fee Schedules are available here.

  Division Independent Medical Examination

A Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME) is required if there is a dispute between the injured worker and the insurance carrier concerning the maximum medical improvement date (MMI) or the impairment rating and the parties wish to bring this dispute before a judge.

 Provider Education

Provider Education offers online and in-person educational courses, support, and resources to healthcare professionals. Our accreditation and training programs teach providers how to navigate the workers’ compensation system in Colorado. Whether you are already accredited or new to treating workers’ compensation patients, visit our page to learn more.

 Utilization Standards/Medical Billing Disputes

Rule 16 defines terminology used throughout Rules 17 & 18, outlines administrative procedures such as timely filing and prior authorization requirements, and offers guidance on resolving medical billing disputes. 

  Impairment Rating and Treatment Resources

Impairment rating information and resources such as worksheets, the Level II Accreditation curriculum, and the Division’s Impairment Rating Tips can be found here.



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