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 Statute, Rules, and Guidance

 Online Filing and EDI

When a worker is injured or has an occupational disease that results in more than three days/shifts of lost time, permanent impairment, or death, the insurance carrier must file a First Report of Injury.  All first reports of injury and notice of contests must be filed electronically either through a vendor, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), or Division website. 

 Benefits Calculator

This multi-function calculator can assist you through common workers’ compensation calculations, including lifetime present value, interest, and lump sum requests. 

 Desk Aids

Desk Aids have been created to assist claims adjusters to ensure they comply with all statute and rule requirements when admitting and paying benefits. These documents are updated as needed to stay current with statute and rules. Adjusters are free to download a copy of these desk aids for repeated use and guidance each time they adjust compensation benefits.

 Surcharge Collection

Surcharge is a levy on workers' compensation premiums paid by insurers who underwrite workers' compensation insurance coverage in Colorado and employers who are authorized to self-insure. The bi-annual collected surcharge funds are used by the Division of Workers' Compensation to offset the costs of administering the system.

 Medical Utilization Review 

This peer review program is designed to evaluate a health care provider's treatment of an injured worker. Any insurer, self-insured employer, or claimant may request a Medical Utilization Review.

 Medical Fee Schedule

Rule 18 sets the maximum fees and associated payment policies for services provided in connection to treatment of an injured worker. Stakeholders are afforded the opportunity each year to provide input into this process. The 2020 and 2021 Medical Fee Schedules are available here.

 Medical Treatment Guidelines

Medical Treatment Guidelines develops clinical practice guidelines based on the most up-to-date evidence. Our nine guidelines address occupational injuries that frequently occur in the Colorado workers’ compensation system and that are expensive to treat.

Rules 5-7 and Legislative Update Webinar

**Please note: Bill HB21-1050 is effective September 7, 2021. For more, please visit

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