How To Apply for a Non-Electronic Communications Waiver


Per state regulations, all correspondence to and from the UI Division will be delivered electronically. Employers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and payroll service providers will be required to submit filings electronically. Paper filings will no longer be accepted without a Non-Electronic Communications Waiver.

Step 1. Apply for a Waiver

If you wish to continue submitting paper fillings, you will need to obtain a non-electronic correspondence. 

  • Request a waiver application from Employer Services at 303-318-9100, or 1-800-480-8299 (toll free).

Step 2. Submit your Application

  • Complete the application including all required information in the fields provided.

  • Mail your completed application to:
    Division of Unemployment Insurance
    P.O. Box 8789
    Denver, CO 80201-8789

  • Once received, UI division staff will review your application and make a determination based on the information you provided. 

Note that you will not be able to submit paper filings until your waiver has been received and approved by division staff.

Step 3. Renew Your Waiver

Paper waivers are valid for one calendar year. You will need to renew your waiver each year in order to continue submitting paper filings via USPS. Employers with expiring waivers will receive a renewal reminder 30 days before your waiver is set to expire.

Note for TPAs/Employers: For employers with approved waivers, you will see an indication on the Employer Home Page that the paper waiver has been approved. 

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