Submitting ACH Credit Payments in MyUI Employer+


Employers and third party administrators (TPAs) can make premium payments to the Colorado Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division by issuing an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit payment through their bank.

The ACH Credit payment option is available to employers and TPAs who meet all of the following requirements:

  • They already have established ACH credit payment processes with their bank.
  • They are already familiar with the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) file formats and can support the ACH Cash Concentration and Disbursement Plus One Addenda Record (CCD+) format.
  • They can include the required ACH addenda detail as specified in this resource.

Note: TPAs must provide addenda detail information for each employer to ensure that the employer’s UI account is credited accordingly.

Ensuring Proper ACH Credit Payment Processing

Employers submitting ACH credit payments must include a valid Employer Account Number (EAN) in order for the payment to be processed. TPAs submitting ACH credit payments for employer clients must be associated with the employer account(s) and be assigned the payments role. TPAs must also include a valid EAN and TPA ID for payment processing.

ACH Credit payments with missing or incorrect EANs, as well as payments for EANs from a TPA that does not have the payment roles assigned cannot be processed. Please verify all EANs, TPA IDs, associations and roles (if applicable) prior to submitting ACH credit payments to ensure timely and accurate payment processing.

Record Format Specifications and Layout

The UI Division accepts ACH credit payments via MyUI Employer+ using the NACHA CCD+ format. This resource provides details on how employers and TPAs should format the following required ACH record types in their NACHA files:

  1. Record 6: Entry Detail Record
  2. Record 7: Addenda Record and UI’s TXP Addenda Formatting

Unemployment Insurance Division Routing & Account Number

Please direct your bank to issue an ACH credit payment to the Colorado Unemployment Insurance Division:

  • Routing Number: 021052053
  • Account Number: 98443323

ACH Credit NACHA Specification

CCD+ Sequence of Records

A CCD+ formatted ACH file will contain one or more Entry Detail Records (Type 6) with exactly one (1) Addenda Record (Type 7) for each. This resource only covers the specifications for Entry Detail Records and Addenda Records.

CCD+ Format ACH File
Record Type CodeRecord TypeCovered in this Document?
1File Header RecordNo
5Company Batch Header RecordNo
6Entry Detail RecordYes
7Addenda RecordYes
8Company/Batch Control RecordNo
9File Control RecordNo

CCD+ Format ACH File

Note which records are nested under others when formatting an ACH file:

  • File Header Record (Type 1)
    • Company Batch Header Record (Type 5)
      • Entry Detail Record (Type 6)
        • Addenda Record (Type 7)
      • Entry Detail Record (Type 6)
        • Addenda Record (Type 7)
      • Entry Detail Record (Type 6)
        • Addenda Record (Type 7)
    • Company/Batch Control Record (Type 8)
  • File Control Record (Type 9)

Record 6 - Entry Detail Record Layout Format

Record 6 - Entry Detail Record Layout Format
FieldPositionSizeContentsData Element NameComments
101-011'6'Record Type CodeAlways "6"
202-032'22'Transaction Code"22" for Checking Credit
304-129'021052053'Receiving DFI IdentificationMyUI Employer+ UPIC Routing Number = 021052053
413-2917'98443323'DFI Account NumberMyUI Employer+ UPIC Account Number = 98443323. Left justify, blank fill.
530-3910$$$$$$$$$¢¢AmountDollar Amount of Credit. Right justify, zero fill. Do not insert decimal points; the last two digits are assumed to be cents.
640-5415AlphanumericPayer Identification NumberPayer organization’s identification number. Left justify, blank fill. Depending on payer’s organization, this identifier can be an FEIN, ITIN or SSN.
755-7622AlphanumericPayer NameFirst 22 characters of the payer organization’s legal business name. Left justify, blank fill.
877-782' 'Discretionary DataNot used by UI.
979-7911'Addenda Record IndicatorAlways insert “1” - UI requires an addenda record be included with ACH credit payments to include employer’s UI-issued 8-digit account number.
1080-9415NumericTrace NumberUsed to trace the transaction through the system in case of error. Right justify, zero fill – The last seven positions are the Entry Detail Sequence Number in ascending order to entries in the batch (0000001, 0000002, 0000003,...)

Record 7 - Addenda Record Layout Format

Record 7 - Addenda Record Layout Format
FieldPositionSizeContentData Element NameComments
101 - 011'7'Record Type CodeRecord Type Code / NACHA required field
202 - 032'05'Addenda Type CodeThe Standard Addenda Records will always be 05
304 - 8380{TXP Addenda}Payment Related Information*Refer to TXP Addenda Format Specification.
484-8741Addenda Sequence NumberAddenda Sequence Number, right justify, zero fill. NACHA required field.
588-9471Entry Detail Sequence Number 

*TXP Addenda Format (Field 3 details for Record 7)

*TXP Addenda Format (Field 3 details for Record 7)
Data Element Reference DesignatorData Element Reference NameContentRequired?Data TypeLengthComments
 Segment Identifier'TXP'MAN3/3Required by NACHA-TXP format
TXP01UI Employer Account Number (EAN)XXXXXXXXMAN8/8UI-issued 8-digit Employer Account Number
TXP02Employer Payment Amount$$$$$$$$¢¢MN21/10Amount that will be credited to the employer's UI account balance.
TXP03Identification Number (FEIN, ITIN, SSN)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMAN1/15FEIN, ITIN or SSN of employer - used for troubleshooting issues with provided UI Employer Account Number (EAN).
TXP04Third-Party Administrator Identification Number (TPA ID)XXXXXXXXXMAN1/15UI-issued 9-digit TPA ID of a third-party administrator paying on behalf of the employer. The TPA ID always starts with “50000”


Required?: M = Mandatory; R = Recommended; O = Optional

Data Type: AN = Alpha Numeric N2 = a numeric type data element with two decimal places to the right of a fixed, implied decimal point. Decimal point not transmitted. Always a positive number.

Length: Specifies the minimum and maximum length of that data element. For example, 1/10 indicates that this data element must be at least one character, but not more than ten characters.

Delimiters: Please use an asterisk (*) delimiter between the TXP Addenda Data Elements. Use a backslash (\) to end a segment.


A third-party administrator (TPA) with a TPA ID of 500001111 and Name of SOS Payroll Services is making a payment for $250.15 for EAN 01234567 and a payment of $78,563.00 for EAN: 23456789. The TPA’s FEIN is 99-1234567. The TXP Addenda Format would be:

62202105205398443323         000002501599-1234567     SOS Payroll Services  1042000010000003

705TXP*01234567*0000025015*991234567*500001111\                      00010000001

62202105205398443323        000785630099-1234567     SOS Payroll Services  1042000010000003

705TXP*23456789*0007856300*991234567*500001111\                      00010000002

Appendix: Glossary of Terminology Used in this Resource

ACH Credit: An Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit is a payor-initiated disbursement of funds from the (payor) organization's settlement account to the (payee)  receiver's account that is listed in the transaction.

ACH Files: An ACH file is a fixed-width, ASCII file, with each line exactly 94 characters in length. Each line of characters is known as a “record” and is composed of various “fields” that are at specific positions within that line. In a properly formatted file, records must follow a specific order.

Addenda: Additional payment information that is kept with ACH (Automated Clearing  House) payment instructions. The UI Division’s prescribed addenda format captures the employer’s FEIN and UI Employer Account Number (EAN) – as well as the payor’s FEIN which can be different from the employer’s FEIN if the payment is made by a third-party administrator (TPA).  

CCD: Cash Concentration and Disbursement (CCD) is an ACH payment type that is used to consolidate funds between business entities. An example of a CCD is paying for services provided by a business.

CCD+ Format: The CCD+ format is a NACHA ACH corporate payment format with a single 80 character addendum record capability. The addendum record is used by the originator to provide additional information to the payment recipient about the payment.

NACHA Format: A National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) format is an industry–standard file format established for delivering ACH transaction data between financial institutions. A NACHA-formatted ACH file is a fixed-width, 94-character text file.

Appendix: NACHA Transaction Codes

The following are common NACHA transaction codes. Please refer to the NACHA website for operating rules and guidelines, and a complete list of transaction codes.

32: Savings Credit

33: Savings Credit Prenote

37: Savings Debit

38: Savings Debit Prenote

22: Checking Credit

23: Checking Credit Prenote  

27: Checking Debit

28: Checking Debit Prenote