During Workforce Development Month, CDLE Highlights the Value of Apprenticeships for Workers and Employers

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In celebration of Workforce Development Month, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) has chosen the week of September 13th to highlight how apprenticeship programs benefit workers, employers, and communities.

“Apprenticeship programs help employers equip future employees with the exact skills their organization needs,” said Joe Barela, Executive Director of CDLE. “Apprenticeship programs also help workers upskill and reskill while earning a paycheck. Since most people cannot afford to stop working, apprenticeships offer workers the opportunity to advance their careers without an undue financial burden. During Apprenticeship Week, I encourage employers and workers alike to contact CDLE to learn more about these programs.”

Employers benefit from hosting apprenticeship programs in many ways: they help them recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce that helps grow their business; improve productivity, profitability, and their bottom line; create flexible training options that ensure workers develop the skills their organization needs; minimize liability costs through appropriate training of workers; receive tax credits; and increase worker retention during and following the apprenticeship.

Workers of all backgrounds also benefit from participating in an apprenticeship program: they gain paid, relevant workplace experience while acquiring the skills and credentials employers need. 94% of apprentices who complete their programs become employees, with an average annual salary of $70,000.

During Apprenticeship Week, CDLE will be highlighting upcoming trainings, events, and resources to help both employers and workers learn more about apprenticeship programs. To keep up with CDLE, workers, employers, and others can follow the agency on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. To find your local Workforce Center, visit CDLE’s website.

Employers interested in learning more about apprenticeships and whether a program is right for them are encouraged to contact one of CDLE’s Apprenticeship Consultants at no cost to them. Workers can fill out this form or visit their local Workforce Center to learn more. For an overview, please visit CDLE’s website.

Information about the month and the themed weeks, including upcoming trainings and events, as well as resources for both job seekers and employers, can be found on the Workforce Development Month website.

Upcoming events include:

For a comprehensive list, please visit CDLE’s website.

The themes for the upcoming weeks are:

September 20-24: The Future of Work
As the world of work continues to undergo massive changes due to artificial intelligence, automation, globalization, and other factors, workers, employers, and communities are contemplating how to ensure their future prosperity. This week, CDLE’s Office of the Future of Work will be exploring trends, data, and more.

September 27-30: Advancing Colorado’s Economic Recovery
The pandemic has been difficult for Coloradans and the Workforce System remains committed to the Colorado Comeback, addressing economic recovery efforts in ways that cut through red tape and take a local approach to building stronger communities. This week, CDLE will highlight how workers and employers can build back better.