Press Release: Apprenticeship Colorado Announces Recognition of 35 Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries to Accelerate Registered Apprenticeship

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For Immediate Release | July 2, 2024

(DENVER) - Apprenticeship Colorado is pleased to announce the recognition of 35 organizations as Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries. The innovative strategy to accelerate high-quality apprenticeship programs in the state and to attract new talent to in-demand occupations is a result of HB21-1007: State Apprenticeship Agency. Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries are uniquely positioned to support and accelerate Registered Apprenticeship expansion in Colorado and will be eligible for competitive funding opportunities and other benefits. Organizations were selected based on a competitive application process that included their past performance in contributing to the Registered Apprenticeship System.

"Colorado leads the way in recognizing the pivotal role of Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries, which is pivotal in bridging industry needs with apprentice success,” said Denise Miller, Director of Apprenticeship Colorado. “This innovative strategy marks a significant stride towards enhancing our state's apprenticeship ecosystem, fostering opportunities that benefit both employers and career seekers alike."

Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries are organizations operating in Colorado that play a crucial role in expanding or enhancing our state’s Registered Apprenticeship System through their support of career seekers, apprentices, employers, and/or Sponsors. Apprenticeship Colorado recognizes two types of Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries to reach more career seekers and employers throughout the state: Industry Apprenticeship Intermediaries focus on addressing employer needs through apprenticeship by providing industry focused services, reducing administrative burden, and support with the implementation of apprenticeships. Talent Apprenticeship Intermediaries focus on career seeker and/or apprentice needs, especially those facing employment barriers, by increasing awareness of apprenticeships, providing direct connections to opportunities and providing the resources necessary to retain in their program.

Apprenticeship Colorado has officially recognized the following organizations as the inaugural group of Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries:

Industry Intermediaries:

  • Associated General Contractors Colorado
  • Colorado Department of Labor and Employment - Employment and Training Division
  • Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership
  • Early Childhood Workforce Connector
  • Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Front Range Community College
  • Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Hamilton-Ryker/TalentGro
  • Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP), Inc.
  • Multiverse US Inc.
  • National Center for the Apprenticeship Degree/Reach University
  • OpenClassrooms, Inc.
  • Western Colorado Area Health Education Center
  • WTIA Workforce Institute/Apprenti

Talent Intermediaries:

  • Denver Workforce Development: Denver Construction Careers Program
  • Employment Services of Weld County
  • Get on Your Feet DBA Fortified Academy
  • Mesa County Workforce Center
  • Pikes Peak Workforce Center
  • Technology Employment in Colorado Partnership
  • The Master's Apprentice
  • Work Options for Women dba Work Options
  • Workforce Boulder County

Organizations that serve as both Industry and Talent Intermediaries:

  • ACI Learning Tech Academy
  • ActivateWork
  • Adams County Workforce and Business Center
  • Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
  • CareerWise Colorado
  • Colorado Restaurant Foundation
  • Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Emily Griffith Technical College
  • Infinite 8 Institute, L3C
  • Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development
  • Tri County Workforce

Apprenticeship Colorado anticipates opening the application to be recognized as a Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediary at a minimum on a yearly basis. Information related to future application releases will be posted on the Apprenticeship Colorado website and interested candidates can sign up to be notified of future application releases.