How to Adjust a Wage Report in MyUI Employer+


After a wage report has been submitted, employers can make adjustments, search, view and download reports inside MyUI Employer+. 

Step 1. Access Employment and Wage Detail Information 

  • Login to MyUI Employer+ and access your Employer Home page.
  • Click the “Employment and Wage Detail Reporting Home” tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click the “Adjustments” subtab.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot

Step 2. Select the Report to Adjust 

  • Select the Year and Quarter of the report you would like to adjust.
  • Click “Search”.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot
  • Select the report you wish to adjust.
  • Click “Next”
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There are three options for your wage adjustment: 

  • File Upload - Attach electronic wage file
  • Manual Entry - Adjust individual wage records manually online
  • No Employment - No wage report
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See How To Submit a Wage Report for more information on each of these filing options.

Step 3. Make Your Adjustments

File Upload Adjustments

  • Select the file type you want to submit.
    • Follow the same specifications as the initial report.
    • You can resubmit wages, Include additional employees, or make adjustments you want to overwrite in the file.
  • Click “Next”.
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  • Identify the reason for the adjustment. Reasons for adjustments include:
  1. Employment and Wages adjusted because of incorrectly reported wages.
  2. Wages adjusted because worker(s)were mistakenly included/excluded.
  3.  Employment and Wages adjusted to correct computer system, data entry or accounting errors.
  4. Employment and Wages adjusted because they were reported to the wrong state.
  5. Employment and Wages adjusted because the workers performed services for a different business.
  6. Employment details adjusted to reflect correct 12th of the month employment information.
  7. Employment and Wages Adjusted as a result of an Audit
  8. SSN or name changed
  9. Other.
  • Click the “Choose File” button and select the file you want to upload from your computer.
  • Click “Next”.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot
  • Preview your adjusted file.
  • Click “Next”.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot
  • View the summary of wages reported.
  • Click “Next”.
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Manual Adjustments 

  • Select the employees you would like to adjust from the report.
  • Click “Next”.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot
  • View any selected employees and add additional employees for the adjustment in the Wage Detail Records section.
  • Adjust employee information in space provided
    • To update the employee’s SSN or Name, delete the employee’s record and re-enter the corrected information.
  • Click “Add” if additional rows are needed.
  • Check the “Delete” checkbox to permanently delete an employee from the report. 
  • Click “Next” or “Save”.
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  • Click “Next”.

The Wage Detail Adjustment Reason Verification screen will ask for you to enter a reason for adjustment.

  • Click “Next”.
  • View the summary 
  • Click “Next”. 

No Employment Adjustments

Quarters can be adjusted to reflect no employees and no wages. 

  • Select the “No Employment - No Wage Report” filing method.
  • Review the Reporting Information and Wage Detail Submission.
  • Click “Submit”
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Step 4. Submit Your Adjustment

  • View the breakdown including the original submission, the adjustment, and the net. You may owe additional premiums, or be provided a refund depending on the adjustment.
MyUI Employer+ screenshot
  • Click the certification checkbox.
  • Click “Submit”.
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Once your adjustment is submitted, you will return to the confirmation page to make a payment or return to the Employer Home page.

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