How to Protest and Appeal Benefits Charges, Rates and Determinations in MyUI Employer+


Employers are able to protest benefit charges and rates in MyUI Employer+, as well as submit an appeal on a determination. 

Protesting Benefits Charges and Rates

Step 1. Access Account Maintenance Tools

MyUI Employer+ screenshot

Step 2. Locate Document ID Number

You will need to enter the Document ID number attached to the Rate Notice, Charge Statement, or Determination you are protesting or appealing. Document ID numbers can be found using the Correspondence Search function inside MyUI Employer+.

  • Enter the Document ID Number in the field provided.
  • Click “Next”.
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Depending on the type of protest or appeal, you may be asked to enter additional information and provide relevant documentation to support your position.

Step 3. Support Your Protest or Appeal

Depending on the type of protest or appeal you are requesting, you will be asked to provide detailed information as to why you are seeking the request. You may also be asked to provide any additional facts or evidence you intend to raise in support of your position. Be very specific and include all information you feel is relevant. You may be contacted for more information regarding your request during the review process as well.

  • Provide supporting information and documentation as requested.

Step 4. Submit Your Request

Once all required information has been entered and supporting documentation has been provided, you will be directed to a confirmation page to submit your request.

  • Review the information displayed on the confirmation page and submit your protest/appeal request.

Step 5. View or Revoke Active Protests and Appeals

Users can view any protests or appeals that are active on the account, and the history of the request.

  • Click the “Account Maintenance” tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click the “Protest/Appeals History” subtab.
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  • Click “Revoke” to revoke any request before it is processed.
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Appealing Determinations

Step 1. Locate Determination/Issue


MyUI Employer+ screenshot


Step 2. Search Determinations, Issues, and Account Notices

  • Enter the search criteria in the fields provided, or click "Search" to view all items.
  • Click the Issue Identification number hyperlink on the related issue.


MyUI Employer+ screenshot


Step 3. View & Appeal Determination

  • Click "View Determination" to view the determination.
  • Click "File Appeal" to file an appeal of the determination.


MyUI Employer+ screenshot



MyUI Employer+ screenshot


Step 4. Submit Appeal

  • Enter the Appeal Date and Appellate information in the fields provided. 
  • Click "Next"
  • Follow the system prompts to complete your appeal submission.


MyUI Employer+ screenshot


Note: Employers may also submit an appeal request by mail.