How to Search Correspondences in MyUI Employer+


Per state regulations, all correspondence to and from the UI Division will be delivered electronically, except for some correspondences required by law to be mailed. Employers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and payroll service providers will be required to submit filings electronically. Paper filings will no longer be accepted without a Non-Electronic Communications Waiver.

Employers and TPAs will receive electronic correspondences directly in their MyUI Employer+ account. All correspondences, regardless of delivery method (electronic or paper mail), are searchable and viewable in MyUI Employer+.

Search and View All Correspondences

Step 1. Open Correspondence Inbox


Step 2. Search and View Correspondences

  • Enter a specific date range in the Correspondence Search screen.
  • Click “Search” to view all correspondences in the specified date range.

The search screen will display:

Document ID - The document ID number can be used to protest or appeal specific correspondences.
Generated Date - The date the correspondence was generated. 
Delivery Method - Electronic or US Mail. This is based on the employer’s preferences, and the requirements for the specific correspondence. Some correspondences will be sent by US Mail, even with the electronic preference selected. 
Description - This will include a description of what the correspondence is related to.

  • Click the hyperlink on the Document ID to view the correspondence in a new window.

Search and View Claims Correspondences

You can view specific claims correspondences inside MyUI Employer+. 

Step 1. Open Claims Correspondence Inbox

  • Click the “Claims Correspondence” tab in the left-hand menu. 

Step 2. Enter Search Criteria

You can use more specific search criteria in the Correspondence Query page.

  • Enter your search criteria in the fields provided. Only the Correspondence Class is required to search.
  • Click “Search” to search based on the information you provided.

Step 3. View Claims Correspondences 

The Correspondence Query Results will display information including: 

ID - The Document ID
Claimant ID - Claimant ID, if applicable 
Claimant Name - Claimant name, if applicable 
EAN/TPA ID - The EAN or TPA ID the correspondence was sent to 
Employer Name - The employer or TPA name the correspondence was sent to 
Correspondence Type - The type of correspondence the document is 
Claim ID - Claim ID, if applicable 
Issue ID - Issue ID, if applicable 
Status - The status of the correspondence 
Print Date - The date the correspondence was printed and sent
Bulk Correspondence - If applicable

  • Click the hyperlink over the Correspondence ID to view the correspondence.