Fraud Prevention

Investigating and prosecuting fraud is a high priority for the Division of Unemployment Insurance. Unfortunately, with the rise in unemployment insurance claims associated with COVID-19, we have also seen a rise in fraudulent claims and other instances of fraud. If you think an employer or unemployed worker is committing unemployment insurance fraud, please select the violating party below, then complete and submit a fraud report.

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Never give out personally identifiable information over the phone. We will never contact you and ask for your social security number (SSN), bank account numbers, your PIN, account passwords, or any other personally identifiable information.

You Receive Unemployment Paperwork Or A Debit Card Without A Claim

If you received unemployment paperwork but did not file a claim, or otherwise believe you are a victim of identity theft related to unemployment benefits, please click here to submit a fraud report. Additionally, there are several recommended steps to follow:

  • If you received a U.S. Bank Reliacard for Colorado unemployment benefits but did not file a claim, fill out the U.S Bank Form contact U.S. Bank immediately at 1-855-279-1678. Tell them that a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed using your information, and ask them to deactivate the card.
  • Contact the three consumer credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your name and Social Security number (SSN). It may be an automated system, so you may not talk to a live person and you will have to enter your SSN and date of birth.
file a fraud report

Credit Bureau Contact Info:
Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian: 1-888-397-3742
TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

It is important to regularly review your credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus. Each will look different and may   contain different information. If you discover any incorrect or fraudulent information on your credit report, you should dispute it with the credit bureau directly. Normally, you can receive one free copy of your credit report each year from each credit bureau. Due to increased fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic, each of the three credit bureaus is offering free weekly credit reports via

  • It is also recommended that you file a police report. You can file a "counter report" with your local police department. As a victim, you have the right to file this report. It doesn't mean the police will investigate it, but there will at least be a record of it on file and you can get a copy of the report for your records.
  • You can also report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission at The FTC's website includes valuable resources about how to recover from identity theft and protect your identity.
  • Lastly, create a file where you can keep any records relating to this identity theft in one central place, in case you are notified of other fraud or breaches of your personal information.
Employer Fraud

Employer Fraud
An employer who knowingly makes a false statement, causes a false statement to be made as to the reason for a job separation, or makes a false offer of work that causes a delay in the proper payment of unemployment benefits to a claimant is committing an act of fraud. An employer who commits this type of fraud is charged with one and one-half times the amount of unemployment benefits that should have been paid to the claimant during the period of delay and with 100 percent of the amount of all other unemployment benefits made to the claimant thereafter during the claimant\'s benefit year. These penalties are in addition to any civil and criminal prosecution, including court costs and/or fines.

Criminal convictions in fraud cases often result in court-ordered restitution to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Most convicted individuals make regular payments through the registry offices of the district courts.

Unemployed Worker Fraud

Unemployed Worker Fraud
A person is committing fraud if they knowingly make a false statement or withhold information to receive unemployment benefits payments.

Fraud Includes:

  • Not reporting or underreporting hours and earnings while working and collecting benefits.
  • Failing to report employment. This includes commission, temporary, 1099 (independent contractor), self-employment, or cash jobs.
  • Failing to report a job separation.
  • Fabricating work search efforts or failing to conduct a valid work search.
  • Failing to report refusals of work. Making a false statement or misrepresentation to receive or increase unemployment payments. (e.g., failing to report school attendance while collecting payments).
  • Using another person's identity (name and/or social security number) to work and file for unemployment payments. Helping someone file a fraudulent unemployment claim.
  • Failing to report other types of compensation (e.g., Workers' Compensation benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance).
  • Failing to report being unable and unavailable to work (e.g., ill or injured, out of area, on vacation, etc.) while collecting unemployment payments.
  • They knowingly make a false statement or withhold information to receive unemployment benefits payments.

Working while receiving benefit payments may result in a person being charged with theft, which includes a mandatory, monetary penalty of 65% of the total amount overpaid. In addition, a 4-week penalty can be assessed for each week in which the person fraudulently requested payment. Penalty weeks must be served on an active claim for which you are filing for benefits. While serving penalty weeks, benefits will not be paid and no money will be offset toward the overpaid amount. These penalties are in addition to any civil and criminal prosecution, including court costs and/or fines.

Report Unemployed Workers Fraud



Fraud Prosecutions

2020 Quarterly Prosecutions

1st Quarter 2020 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $193,649.22

January 2020
Crystal Hayes (Adams County)
Monica Gant (Denver County)
Rainer Thomas (Arapahoe County)
Vanessa Marquez (Adams County)
Kevin Hahn (Boulder County)
Vance Holliday, Jr. (Adams County)
Heidi Hoffman-Wall (Arapahoe County)
February 2020
Marie Chusid (Jefferson County)
Susie Hernandez (Denver County)
Martin Molina-Cano (Adams County)
Anthony Castro, Sr. (Adams County)
March 2020
Gerry Cordova (Adams County)
Eric Garner (Arapahoe County)
James Bird (Adams County)
Marr Doss (Arapahoe County)
Catherina Vigil(Arapahoe County)

2019 Quarterly Prosecutions

1st Quarter 2019 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $162,985.40

January 2019

Matthew Brown (Larimer County)
Matthew Sullivan (Arapahoe County)                    


February 2019

Ernie Martiniez (Weld County)  
Matthew Brown (Weld County)
Raul Vigil (Adams County)


March 2019  

Brandon Vester (Delta County)
Shane Marks (Denver County)
John Broom (Douglas County)
Isidro Moralez (Pueblo County)
Damian Sifuentez (Weld County)

2nd Quarter 2019 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $160,268.59.

April 2019

Jeffrey Tunley (Arapahoe County)
Joe Morales (Weld County)
Cala Martinez (Arapahoe County)
Larnell Holt (Denver County)
Sergio Ahumada (Adams County)
Charitie Bridges (Adams County)      
Peggy Henry (Larimer County)


May 2019

Kenneth Quenzer (Weld County)  
Kalandra Woolboy (Denver County)


June 2019  

Christopher Parker (Weld County)
Glenn Jackson, Jr. (Arapahoe County)
Latisha Vaughns (Arapahoe County)
Jeffrey Bastian (Denver County)
Kris Cambria Link  (Douglas County)
Angelica Montes (Arapahoe County)

3rd Quarter 2019 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $400,237.86

July  2019

Jason Sisneros (Alamosa County)
Terry Boo (Montezuma County)
Jason Carpenter (El Paso County)
Gerald Salinas Pueblo  County)
Michael Brumfield (Denver  County)
Roxanne Velasquez (Arapahoe  County)
Joshua Lewis (Denver  County)


August 2019

William Ruth (Fremont  County)  
Matthew West (El Paso County) 
Carly Tan (Adams  County)
Roque Elizondo (Las Animas  County)
Vanessa Achambeault (Douglas  County)
Jennel Anderson (Arapahoe  County)


September 2019  

Gunther Boldt (Garfield  County)
Tamarin Sessom (Douglas  County)
Anthony Curlyhair, Jr.  (Montezuma  County)
Jorge Centeno (Boulder  County)
Katrina Ptak (Douglas  County)
Julio Garcia (Arapahoe  County)
Andrew Sweet (Jefferson  County)
Elizabeth Williams (Attorney General's Office)
Michelle Hernandez (Attorney General's Office)

4th Quarter 2019 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $280,428.92

October  2019
Manuel Cabello, Jr.  (Jefferson County)
Dwight Evans  (Boulder  County)
Javier Saucedo-Casillas (Denver  County)
Trina Everhart (Arapahoe  County)
Roderick Malone (El Paso  County)
Tajh Nobles (Jefferson  County)
Aaron Arellano (Denver  County)
Anthony Chavez (Adams  County)
Nicholas Black (Jefferson  County)


November 2019
Terry Taleck (Boulder  County)
Joseph Herrera (Jefferson  County) 
Peter Rapp (Denver  County)
Christopher Coleman (Denver  County)
Natosha Robinson (Denver  County)
Randolfo Chavez Rios (Larimer  County)


December 2019  
Bobby Curry (Adams  County)
Gerald Muhammad (Arapahoe  County)
Anthony Vasquez (Adams  County)
Nicholas Dorn (Arapahoe  County)

2018 Quarterly Prosecutions

3rd Quarter 2018 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered:$221,616.37

July 2018
Thomas Doremus (Mesa County)
Scott Young Sr. (Weld County)
Starlet Cooper (El Paso County)
William Watson (Denver County)
Cheryl Jones (Arapahoe County)

August 2018
Jason Brown (Denver County)
Juan Espinoza-Cabrera (Arapahoe County)
Nicola Olson (Larimer County)
Shantell Carmona (Denver County)
Meadoe Croker (Mesa County)
Yuliyanna Maksymenko (Arapahoe County)

September 2018
Ashley Knobbs (Denver County)
Jordan Davis(Denver County)
Jesse Hanson (El Paso County)