Industrial Claim Appeals Office

The Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO) is the unit of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) responsible for the review of both Unemployment Insurance decisions issued by Hearing Officers, and Workers' Compensation decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges (ALJs).
The Industrial Claim Appeals Panel (ICAP or Panel) consists of five Administrative Law Judges who consider appeals from those decisions. In most instances, the Panel reviews cases after a hearing has been held before a Hearing Officer or ALJ, and benefits have been granted or denied. However, even when a hearing has not been held, the Panel does NOT hold hearings in the cases it considers. The final order of the Panel is the final action of CDLE.
Appeals are considered by at least two Panel members. Their review is restricted to the evidence that was presented to the Hearing Officer or ALJ who conducted the hearing or other proceeding. The Panel is not permitted to alter the Hearing Officer or ALJ's decision based on new evidence submitted on appeal.
The Panel may affirm, correct, reverse or set aside the decision issued by the Hearing Officer or ALJ. The Panel may also send the case back (remand the case) to the ALJ for a new hearing or new decision.
If you disagree with a Final Order you receive from the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel, you may file an appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals. The Court has a number of specific procedures you must follow if you wish to file an appeal, and specific forms for appeals of Workers' Compensation cases. You may access those forms and procedures online, as well as information about how to file an appeal with the Court. If you have additional questions, the telephone number for the Colorado Court of Appeals is (720) 625-5150.
We have provided answers to a number of frequently asked questions regarding Workers' Compensation appeals which we hope will help you through the appeals process. We have also provided access to some additional reference material, however, if you need additional information, please contact us directly.
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