Workers' Compensation Rules of Procedure

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Rule # Rule Title Effective Download
Cost Containment Premium Cost Containment Rules of Procedure   PDF Word
Self Insurance Self-Insurance Rules of Procedure   PDF Word
Uninsured Employer Colorado Uninsured Employer Fund 3/18 PDF Word
Rule 1 General Definitions and General Provisions 9/16 PDF Word
Rule 2 Workers' Compensation Premium Surcharges 7/22 PDF Word
Rule 3 Insurance Coverage 8/10/22 PDF Word
Rule 4 Carrier Compliance 4/30/21 PDF Word
Rule 5 Claims Adjusting Requirements 3/30/23 PDF Word
Rule 6 Modification, Termination, or Suspension of Temporary Disability Benefits 7/21 PDF Word
Rule 7 Closure of Claims and Petitions to Reopen 7/21 PDF Word
Rule 8 Authorized Treating Physician 7/19 PDF Word
Rule 9 Division of Workers' Compensation Dispute Resolution 7/19 PDF Word
Rule 10 Medical Utilization Review 4/13 PDF Word
Rule 11 Division Independent Medical Examination 3/2/23 PDF Word
Rule 12 Permanent Impairment Rating Guidelines 10/08 PDF Word
Rule 13 Provider Accreditation   PDF Word
Rule 14 Applications for Admissions and Payment of Benefits from the Major Medical Insurance Fund, the Medical Disaster Fund, and Request for Benefits from the Subsequent Injury Fund   PDF Word
Rule 15 Vocational Rehabilitation Rules Applicable to Claims based upon an Injury or Illness Occurring prior to July 2, 1987, at 4:16 p.m.   PDF Word
Rule 16 Utilization Standards 1/23 PDF Word
Rule 17 Medical Treatment Guidelines Introduction 1/30/22 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 1 Low Back Pain 1/30/22 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 2 Traumatic Brain Injury 1/19 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 3 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 2/15 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 4 Shoulder Injury 2/15 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 5 Cumulative Trauma Conditions Guidelines 3/17 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 6 Lower Extremity Guideline 3/16 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 7 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy 11/17 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 8 Cervical Spine Injury 1/30/22 PDF Word
     Rule 17 Exhibit 9 Chronic Pain Disorder 11/17 PDF Word
Rule 18 Medical Fee Schedule 1/23 PDF Word
     Rule 18 Exhibit 1 Evaluation and Management (E&M) Guidelines for Colorado Workers' Compensation Claims 1/23 PDF Word
     Rule 18 Exhibit 2 Hospital Base Rates and Cost-to-Charge Ratios (CCR) 1/23 PDF Word
     Rule 18 Exhibit 3 Dental Fee Schedule 1/23 PDF Word
     Rule 18 Exhibit 4 APCs for Procedures with Status Indicator C When Performed in an OP Hospital or ASC 1/23 PDF Word

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