2024 Goals and Timeline

Female teacher smiling and raising her hand along with her students

How does the program work?

  • Selected businesses publish descriptions of their operations and the type of externship opportunities they are offering.
  • Educators select externships that align with their interests and needs, with CDLE facilitating the matching process. After an initial match, educators and businesses may work together to customize the ideal externship experience for both parties. 
  • CDLE provides support for the partnerships through preparation, orientation workshops and resources to assist with defining program structure and expectations/deliverables.
  • CDLE tracks data about outcomes and publishes testimonials from participants.

2024 Goals

In its first year, CDLE’s Teacher Externship Program will:

  1. Be a sustainable state-level program that pairs K-12 teachers with STEM-focused employers; offers a broad menu of differentiated options across the state; and ensures equitable access to opportunities for teachers and businesses.
  2. Prove resources and support to existing Teacher Externship programs by expanding their network of potential business partners.


Teacher Externship 2024 Timeline
January 2024Program launch
February 2024Gather interest and commitments 
from businesses and educators
March 2024Kickoff activities
April–May 2024Orientation
June–August 2024Externships
2024–25 School YearClassroom implementation 
of educator learnings