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Host a Virtual Job Fair or Virtual Event

What is a VJF?

A Virtual Job Fair (VJF) is an online event in which Employers and Job Seekers meet in a virtual environment and use various tools such as: chat rooms, webcasts, training/workshop videos, webinars and employer online hiring sites. A VJF can also be used as a virtual interactive "event" for information and resources oriented toward special groups, such as youth or veterans.

Why Host a VJF?

Providing a VJF or virtual event eliminates geographical barriers and enables more accessibility to the event for the job seekers and employers (customers can connect at any location with internet, without transportation and distance issues). A virtual job fair also reduces the cost & number of staff needed as opposed to a job fair at a physical location.

Contact Information

For questions about Virtual Job Fairs & Virtual Events please send an e-mail to: CDLE_VJF@state.co.us




Training Request Form

  • Virtual Job Fair/Event Website Training Form
  • Request training from CDLE on the VJF/Event website and/or how to use GoToMeeting.

The following items are provided by various Colorado Workforce Centers wishing to share their VJF knowledge and resources. If you wish to share an item on this site please contact us: CDLE_VJF@state.co.us.


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