Beginning Rates


New employers start paying UI premiums at a beginning rate depending on the type of business activity. For rate year 2024, the rate consists of the beginning rate, the support rate and the solvency surcharge rate.

New employers in construction-related industries may be subject to a different beginning rate. If solvency surcharges are in effect, those surcharges are the same. Contact UI Employer Services for more information on beginning rates for employers in construction-related industries.

Rates for 2024

Business ClassificationBeginning RateSupport RateSurcharge RateCombined Rate
General Construction0.0156.0017.01350.0308
Heavy Construction0.0570.0063.017250.08055
Political Subdivision Group Rate0.0020 00.0020

Rates for 2023

Business ClassificationBeginning RateSurcharge RateCombined Rate
General Construction0.017000.0170
Heavy Construction0.068200.0682
Political Subdivision Group Rate0.002000.0020

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