Labor Rules, Proposed and Adopted

The Division of Labor Standards and Statistics (DLSS) engages in periodic rulemaking on labor law and policy for the State of Colorado. This page has timelines for upcoming rulemaking, copies of current and previous rules, recordings and transcripts from previous rulemaking, and comments received. For questions regarding rulemaking, please email CDLE_LaborStandardsRules@state.co.us. For more on Colorado rulemaking, visit the Department of Regulatory Agencies or the Secretary of State

Rules & Orders: Current & Prior Versions

Versions currently in effect are listed first and in boldface. Following each version is the Statement of Basis, Purpose, and Authority (“SBP”) that explains its adoption, followed by the effective dates.

Wage & Hour Rules:

Posting, Screening, & Transparency (POST) Rules:

Labor Relations Rules:

Other Rules:

Rules & Orders: Proposed & Recently Adopted
RulesPublic HearingProposedAdoptedEffective DateClean VersionRedline from Prior VersionStatement of Basis & Purpose
Protections For Public Workers Act (PROPWA) Rules, 7 CCR 1103-1711/30/23 Notice10/31/2302/02/2407/01/24Adopted PROPWA Rules PDF PROPWA SBP PDF
Direct Investigation Rules, 7 CCR 1103-801/30/24 Notice12/29/23 04/01/24Direct Investigation Rules PDFDirect Investigation Redline Rules PDFDirect Investigation SBP PDF
Wage Protection Rules, 7 CCR 1103-701/30/24 Notice12/29/23 04/01/24Wage Protection Rules PDFWage Protection Redline Rules PDFWage Protection SBP PDF
State Labor Relations Rules, 7 CCR 1103-1201/30/24 Notice12/29/23 04/04/24State Labor Relations Rules PDFState Labor Relations Redline Rules PDFState Labor Relations SBP PDF

Rulemaking Calendar:

Rulemaking Comments & Hearings

Recent Rulemaking:

Previous Rulemaking: