Press Release: State Labor Dept. enhancing security measures for unemployment accounts

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For Immediate Release

Date: July 16, 2021
Contact: Office of Government, Policy and Public Relations

State Labor Dept. enhancing security measures for unemployment accounts

(DENVER) — In order to better safeguard Colorado unemployment claimants against scams and other attempts to compromise their accounts, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) is implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) as part of the MyUI+ login process. MyUI+ is the state’s new, modernized online portal used to file unemployment insurance claims that was launched in January of this year. 

Beginning in early August, Colorado unemployment claimants logging into their MyUI+ accounts will be required to set up MFA. Multi-factor authentication — also referred to as 2-factor authentication — simply means the user will need more than one method to verify they are who they claim to be by entering both a password as well as a code that is sent to a verified phone number, email address, or authenticator app. MFA is a common best practice tool that is often required to access a variety of websites, banking portals and financial applications.

Worldwide scammers continue to target unemployed Coloradans using phishing scams, with the goal of gaining access to their unemployment accounts and stealing benefits. The use of MFA will significantly enhance the security of claimants’ MyUI+ accounts and make it much harder for scammers to compromise account info., CDLE’S trusted and federally-certified technology partner for secure digital identity verification, has also seen an increase in scammers using social engineering tactics here in Colorado and across the country. Oftentimes these scammers are targeting unemployed workers on social media with advertisements for job openings, then tricking the claimant into handing over personally identifiable information, banking information and more under the guise of a fake hiring process. Claimants are willingly giving up this sensitive data thinking they are being offered a new job. 

“As Coloradans get comfortable with our new normal way of life, our UI Division is also preparing to transition into a new normal way of operation that includes combating fraud and focusing on our standard state unemployment programs,” said Joe Barela, Executive Director of CDLE. “The fraud detection and prevention measures we’ve put in place over the past year, including and now MFA, are here to stay as attempts to commit UI fraud show no signs of slowing.”

Colorado remains committed to participating in the federal pandemic unemployment benefit programs as long as the federal funds are available to eligible unemployed workers in our state. The week ending September 4, 2021 is the last week claimants can request payment on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program for gig workers, the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension, or receive the supplemental Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payment of $300/week.

With the state’s renewed focus on economic recovery, CDLE is increasing its outreach efforts to claimants who are still receiving federally funded unemployment benefits. With targeted emails, direct mail, social media posts and the use of both traditional and digital media, the department is focused on connecting unemployed workers with career counseling, job search assistance, training opportunities and more. CDLE and its partners hold regular, no-cost training that can help unemployed Coloradans get rehired. A complete list of upcoming events is available on the CDLE website, and there are more than 107,000 job postings currently listed on, the state’s jobs database.