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Premiums are contributions paid by Colorado employers to help protect the economy. Each year, we determine premium rates for employers based on a number of factors, including the amount of money already paid and unemployment benefit payments made to former employees. 

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Your premium and wage reports are due quarterly.

  • April 30: Quarter 1 reports are due for wages paid in January, February, March.
  • July 31: Quarter 2 reports are due for wages paid in April, May, June.
  • October 31: Quarter 3 reports are due for wages paid in July, August, September.
  • January 31: Quarter 4 reports are due for wages paid in October, November, December.

You can report your wages in MyUI Employer+.  If you are still filing wage reports by paper, you will need to sign up for a MyUI Employer+ account and file online.



File your wage reports, pay premiums, view your account status, balances and rates, and contact customer service through MyUI Employer+.

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​Go Paperless

The new MyUI Employer+ system will default all users to electronic communication. You can apply for a waiver to continue to use paper communication within the MyUI Employer+ portal, or you can call Employer Services at 303-318-9100.

Reporting Adjustments

You can adjust premiums and wage information in the new MyUI Employer+ system, or use the following forms if you have a waiver to use paper communications:

Unemployment Insurance Quarterly-Report Adjustment, UITR-3

Multiple Quarter Adjustment of Workers' Wages, UITR-6a

Social Security Number Corrections, UITR-6c

Types of Payments that Constitute Wages

Review our chart to assist you with what types of payments are considered wages under Colorado unemployment law.​

Types of Payments Considered Wages

Wages in Multiple States

Colorado's unemployment law provides guidelines for deciding where to report multi-state workers.

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Waiver to Send Paper Reports

Please update your contact information in your MyUI Employer+ account.


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