MyUI Employer

ALERT | 8.20.2021 | 12:35 a.m.
Pandemic Unemployment Decisions - Notices of Determination

Did you receive a pandemic-related Notice of Determination on a claim and have questions or concerns? Please visit our FAQ page for more information. Learn More>

MyUI Employer is now available and now has additional features and resources available to Colorado’s employers. You will be able to respond to requests for information from us in a new way.
We will send you an email to let you know we need information from you. You log in to your MyUI Employer account and complete the request. It is that easy!

Those requests include:

  • Providing facts about an employee’s job separation
  • Responding to requests for earnings during a specific period of time

Why Register?
You could have access to your account online at any time of day and do almost everything you need to do online, such as:

  • Review rate information
  • Submit wage data
  • File premium reports
  • Make premium payments
  • Review payment history
  • View account balance