Required Reporting by Supplemental Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Senate Bill 22-210 requires all Supplemental Health-Care Staffing Agencies (SHSA) to provide a report to the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics (DLSS) as a part of a collaborative data collection effort by DLSS, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Colorado Department of Health Care and Public Financing (HCPF). This report will contain information about how much money is charged to healthcare facilities quarterly and of that amount charged, how much is paid to supplemental staff provided to those healthcare facilities. There are two required reporting periods for all SHSAs annually, from October 1 and March 31, with a report due by April 30, and from April 1 to September 30 with a report due by October 31. These reports recur on these same dates each year, with the first being due on April 30, 2023. 

DLSS will then transmit the collected reports to CDPHE and HCPF so that those agencies can determine whether additional regulations need to be created. 

Failure to provide reports or providing incomplete information to DLSS may result in a $500.00 fine upon the first notice of non-compliance – that will be assessed 30 days after no response is received, then $10,000.00 for not curing a violation, or $20,000.00 for a violation following a $10,000.00 fine and notice of non-compliance.  The Division has the authority to waive fines assessed if a good-cause reason for failure to respond can be supplied and all outstanding fines will be collected after any applicable notices of non-compliance have been sent.


Published Guidance: INFO #21: Reporting Required by Supplemental Health-Care Staffing Agencies
Form for Staffing Agencies to Update their Contact Information
The Statute: Required Reporting by Supplemental Healthcare Staffing Agencies (SB22-210) 
Link to Portal for Submitting Documentation [live link to be posted early spring 2023]

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