Legislative Resource Center

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The Department submits multiple reports and responds to legislative requests for information. This resource center includes links to various department reports, bill fact sheets, and budget documents.

2023 Legislative Session


2022 Legislative Session
  • House Bill 22-1050, International Medical Graduate Integrate Health-care Workforce (link to PDF)
  • House Bill 22-1133, Family and Medical Leave Insurance Fund (link to PDF)
  • House Bill 22-1305, Paid Family Medical Leave Premium Reduction (link to PDF)
  • House Bill 22-1394, Fund Just Transition Community and Worker Supports (link to PDF)
  • Senate Bill 22-140, Expansion of Experiential Learning Opportunities (link to PDF)
  • Senate Bill 22-165, Colorado Career Advisor Training Program (link to PDF)
  • Senate Bill 22-217, Programs That Benefit Persons With Disabilities (link to PDF)
  • Senate Bill 22-234, Unemployment Compensation (link to PDF)
  • Initial 2022 Legislative and Budget Requests (link to PDF)
  • FAMLI Q&A (link to PDF)
  • Connecting Colorado (link to PDF)
  • Consolidation of Public Safety Cash Funds (link to PDF)
JBC & Budget Presentations
  • Trust Fund Status Report - August 2022 (link to PDF)
  • Office of the Future of Work, Annual Report - December 2021 (link to PDF)
  • 2021 Employment Support and Job Retention Services Program, Legislative Report (link to PDF)
  • 2021 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report (link to PDF)
  • 2022 Workforce Development Programs Annual Report (link to PDF)
SMART Act Hearings & Other Legislative Presentations
  • Joint Technology Committee - January 2022 (link to PDF)
  • 2022 CDLE SMART Act Presentation - January 2022 (link to PDF)
  • Joint Technology Committee - August 2022 (link to PDF)
  • 2022 CDLE Performance Plan - July 2021 (link to PDF)