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Quality Performance and Outcomes Payments (QPOP)


Quality Performance and Outcomes Payments or QPOP certification is required to bill codes Z0815 and Z0816 per Rule 18. In order to obtain certification, you must be accredited under Level I or Level II or must have completed either accreditation course in the last three years. In addition, you must complete the online QPOP course. QPOP certification allows providers to bill for documenting a patient’s functional progress, which includes providing a functional outcome assessment in addition to a psychological screen.

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Course Objectives

  • Define the QPOP program
  • Explain how QPOP benefits providers and patients
  • Identify the DOWC provider certification requirements for QPOP

Understand the DOWC documentation standards for QPOP and analyze case examples for documentation standards.

Course Fees

QPOP Course Fee: $50.00

*Effective May 1, 2021, upon written request, up to 50% of your registration fee may be refundable within six weeks following registration and payment if unable to complete the course. All course requirements need to be completed within six months from the original date of registration/payment. Otherwise, a new registration with payment of applicable course fees must be submitted for re-registration. 


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