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Protect Your Employees, Empower Your Business

For over 25 years, the Premium Cost Containment (PCC) Program has helped over 8,000 Colorado employers save money, improve safety, and protect workers. The PCC Program provides free support and guidance from industry professionals to help employers create, implement, and maintain exceptional workplace safety programs. The safety and loss experts with the PCC program are here to guide you through the certification process

Turn Safety into Success

Prioritizing safety protects a company's workers and its bottom line. Certification creates savings for businesses by helping keep premiums low and providing direct discounts of up to 10% on workers' compensation premiums. Demonstrating a strong commitment to safety helps prevent injuries, can create a positive work environment, and can become a competitive advantage. 

  • Certified employers receive up to a 10% direct discount on your workers' compensation insurance premiums.
  • Certification demonstrates your company's commitment to safety to customers, employees, and job seekers.
  • Every injury you prevent keeps your insurance premium from going up. Even a single increase in your premium resulting from a workplace injury can add up to significant costs over time.
  • Nationwide research shows that now, more than ever, safety sells.
    • Consumers expect brands to go above and beyond recommended safety standards.
    • 47% of consumers trust brands more if they take care of their employees.
    • 57% of consumers are aware of the brand values of the services they use. 

Improved Safety and Savings Starts with a Conversation

Call the PCC team at 303-318-8644 to learn more and view the PCC brochure for details on program requirements.

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Other Helpful Tips

  • Keep thorough documentation and record-keeping of all safety program elements, specifically the 6 elements listed above.
  • Ensure each element of the safety program is dated properly to ensure you meet the requirement to have your program in place for one full year prior to applying for Cost Containment Certification.
  • Safety rules should reflect the hazards employees face.
  • Get employee sign-offs on safety rules, policies, participation in safety committee meetings, training, designated medical provider acknowledgments, etc. 
  • Make the program your own.

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