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You should report your injury directly to the Division of Workers’ Compensation by filing a Worker’s Claim for Compensation (WC15). (Este formulario debe completarse en Inglés.) Filing this form may protect some of your rights. Once you have completed the form, mail or deliver two copies of the form to the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation, Customer Service Unit at 633 17th St., Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202-3626.

Keep Your Contact Information Updated

It is your responsibility as the claimant to ensure the Division of Workers’ Compensation and the insurance adjuster have your most current contact information. Please call Customer Service at 303-318-8700 or 1-888-390-7936 or email cdle_wccustomer_service@state.co.us if you need to update your contact information.

Immigration Status

Your immigration status is not a factor in determining whether you can receive workers’ compensation benefits. All employees have the right to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

Hiring an Attorney and Communications

A list of attorneys that accept workers’ compensation cases is available on the Division’s website. This list is provided by the Colorado Bar Association, and the attorneys on the list are not endorsed by or affiliated with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

If you hire an attorney, the adjuster cannot communicate with you directly and may insist on only speaking with your attorney. Even if an attorney represents you, you may contact Customer Service at the Division of Workers’ Compensation at 303-318-8700 or 1-888-390-7936 with questions.

Colorado Uninsured Employer Fund

The Colorado Uninsured Employer (CUE) Fund exists to provide financial assistance to individuals injured while working for employers who did not carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you were injured on the job, you may verify your employer’s coverage status here. If your employer is not insured, you must first file a Workers’ Claim for Compensation (WC 15) with the Division. You’ll also need to attend a hearing and obtain a judge’s order awarding you workers’ compensation benefits. At that point, you may apply for admission into the CUE Fund. You may find more information on our Colorado Uninsured Employer Fund page.


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