Workplace Conditions

Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, Part 2

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, effective January 1, 2021, details employer requirements to include compensation in job postings, notify employees of promotional opportunities, and keep job description and wage rate records. More>

Employment Opportunity Act (Credit History Law)

The Colorado Employment Opportunity Act prevents employers from requesting or using credit information (such as credit reports) in employment decisions for certain employees and job applicants in Colorado. More>

Social Media and the Workplace Law

Employers are prevented from accessing employees’ and job applicants’ personal social media accounts. More>

Keep Jobs In Colorado Act (80% Colorado Labor)

Colorado labor must be employed to perform at least 80% of the work on a public works project. More>

Nursing Mothers

Public and private employers who have one or more employees must provide reasonable unpaid break time or permit an employee to use paid break time, meal time, or both, each day to allow the employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for up to two years after the child’s birth. More>

Colorado Chance to Compete Act

The Colorado Chance to Compete Act is intended to provide people with criminal records with a more meaningful chance to compete for a job in the workforce and grow Colorado’s economy, while protecting employer’s ability to make whatever hiring decision the employer deems appropriate. More>

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