Designating a Medical Provider

In non-emergency situations or when emergency care is no longer required, you must provide the injured worker with a designated provider list. 

A designated provider list must:

  • be provided immediately upon notice of the injury;
  • be provided as a written copy to the injured worker within seven business days of the report of the injury;
  • have four physicians and/or corporate medical providers within a 30-mile radius that are willing to treat the injured worker; and
    • Exceptions can apply to rural areas, and telemedicine is permissible.
  • include complete contact information for the insurance carrier/self-insured employer.

If no physician is properly designated, the employee may select the health care provider of their choice.

  • The Workers’ Compensation Act poster must be displayed on the workplace premises. 
  • The Notice to Employer of Injury Poster must be displayed on the workplace premises and must be a minimum of 14 inches high and 11 inches wide. Each letter must measure 1/2" high.

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