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Prior to conducting any type of job search you need to evaluate the job industry and the job market you are competing in to assess if you are fully informed on whether the job and/or industry is the right fit for you and your qualifications. 

Even if you have been in the job industry for a long time there will be continuous changes and advancements that lead employers to look for new types of skills and qualifications, which you need to be able to demonstrate that you meet. To ensure that employers take notice of you and to give yourself the best advantage in getting employed or to progress further in your career it's important to do some research.  

To be effective and successful in your job search it's important to plan ahead and strategize which websites and/or online tools (ex. Social Media, Job Search Engines, Virtual Job Fairs, etc.) are worth investing your time on. The "Questions To Ask Yourself" (on the right) will aid you in gathering the information to establish what specific jobs, industries, and businesses to target during your Online Job Search. This will also deliver a focused and effective approach that will further generate your ability to find more and better job opportunities.


    Consider the following questions:

    1. What type of industry do you want to work in?
    2. What keywords represent the type of job/industry you are looking for? Pick at least 5 keywords that best reflect the type of job/industry you're interested in? 
    3. What are your qualifications (ex. skills, education, training, certifications, experience, etc.) for that type of job/industry?  
    4. Have you recently taken any tests that help assess your skills? .
    5. What do workers in that industry or job typically make given your type of qualifications?
    6. What is the expected industry outlook for the job/industry?
    7. Have you recently used any online career assessment tools (Ex. LMI Gatewayto learn more about the job you are interested in?
    8. What employers in the industry are you interested in working for? Are they currently hiring? Have you viewed their website & application process?





    Colorado state government currently has a variety of job openings. There is an immediate need for talented and skilled workers in occupations impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. An example of jobs can be viewed through the List of Temporary COVID-19 Job Openings and review the How to Apply video for more information on locating & applying for the listed jobs.

      How To Apply (Video)





    There are a variety of online job-search engines and databases available for conducting job searches and viewing job listings. We encourage Job Seekers looking for work in Colorado to register with the official Colorado state job-search website, Connecting Colorado.  Although there are many different job-search engines available make sure to protect yourself and your information. Many job-search sites may require a registration, but be weary of job listings or postings where the employer is asking for funds or personal information in advance. 

    Connecting Colorado is a free and secure website with a variety of options for locating jobs and making employer connections. Employers may list jobs directly into Connecting Colorado or work with one of our Colorado Workforce Centers to post positions into the website. The National Labor Exchange (includes employers and jobs posted for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program’s (OFCCP) VEVRAA mandatory listing requirements and Section 503 regulations.) also provides a significant number of jobs automatically fed nightly into Connecting Colorado's data system.

      Register With Connecting Colorado


    With Connecting Colorado Job Seekers may:
    • register for work (a UI requirement)
    • post résumés & credentials
    • perform and save customized online job searches
    • set-up automated job matching and receive email notifications on the job matches
    • save your Favorite Jobs to review later in one easy, simple, location
    • access or register for Workforce Center classes and workshops
    • learn of upcoming Job Fairs and Events
    • save Job Fairs & Events to your own personalized Connecting Colorado calendar
    • get direct access to attend a Virtual Job Fair (VJF) or Virtual Event through logging into Connecting Colorado
    • view Announcements from your local area and relevant state or county government information and updates
    • view employer contact information and access links provided by the employers


    Start a registration or visit the site and check out what Connecting Colorado has to offer:    Visit Connecting Colorado