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Trade Adjustment Assistance



The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program provides a variety of benefits for workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign competition and their company has been certified as being trade impacted by the US Department of Labor (USDOL). Possible benefits include retraining, job search assistance, relocation assistance, extensions of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits and/or a wage subsidy if you are 50 years of age or older and start a full time job that pays less than your trade certified employment.


You can also apply for individual entitlement on the TAA program page. Once you receive your individual entitlement, you will be required to work with a TAA counselor through the Workforce Center to apply for and receive TAA benefits. This program has strict deadlines. If these deadlines are not met, you can lose portions of your TAA benefits. Please contact your local TAA counselor for more information on these deadlines.


If you wish to apply for individual eligibility for TAA benefits, please contact a TAA counselor at your local Workforce Center.

  Contact a Workforce Center


Find out if your company is certified or on the TAA program 
  Visit USDOL Website


Apply for TAA Individual Entitlement
  TAA Application


STEP 3: 
Contact a TAA counselor at your local workforce center to
apply for Individual Eligibility for TAA benefits
  Contact a Workforce Center



Have you lost your job due to Foreign Trade?

If so, view our flyer & brochure to see if you 
qualify for the TAA Program!
View The TAA Flyer    
View The TAA Brochure

For questions about the TAA program, please contact:

Melissa Pratt:
Phone: 303-318-8940

For questions about the TRA program, please contact:

Tom O'Leary:
Phone: 303-318-8940