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Workers' Compensation Claim Search Procedures

All workers' compensation background claim searches must be paid at the time of submission. Payment may be made through the Customer Support Request form, or checks may be mailed to Attn: Customer Service, Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation, 633 17th Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202.

Payment must be received before requests will be processed.

If you are a new customer and have not previously requested this service, please contact the Division of Workers' Compensation's Customer Service at 303-318-8700 before submitting an electronic payment.

In order to submit background search requests using the online payment system, you must complete all of the three steps listed below.

  1. Submit payment electronically.
    • The cost is $1.00 for each social security number submitted.
    • Electronic payments will also include a service fee.
  2. Print the receipt, as it is required to continue the process.
  3. Once you have paid, submit a copy of all of the following to the Division of Workers' Compensation Customer Service at cdle_dowcreq2@state.co.us.
    1. Your online payment receipt
    2. Request for Release of Information Log Sheet (WC 143)
    3. Authorization for Release of Limited Information to Third Parties (WC 190)

Request a Copy of a Workers' Compensation Claimant File

To request a copy of the Division's workers' compensation claim file, please submit a:

  1. Request for Services (WC 134)and
  2. Authorization for Release of Information (WC 189) or Entry of Appearance (WC 6)

If you are already a party to the claim, you will only need to submit a Request for Services (WC 134).

These forms can be emailed to cdle_dowc_rfs@state.co.us or mailed to:

Attn: Customer Service
Division of Workers' Compensation
633 17th Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202

Once you receive an invoice for the cost of the claimant file, you can submit a payment online or mail a check to the Division. To submit a payment online, you must have the invoice number provided by the Division and the invoice amount.


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