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Who's Who in Workers' Compensation


If you're an injured worker in Colorado, it's important to know the names of the persons or organizations involved in the claims process.


A person licensed and selected to act for another in legal matters, including workers’ compensation cases. If a party is represented by an attorney, the attorney should be included in all communication and filings.

Claimant/Injured Worker

Any person who is either seeking or receiving workers’ compensation benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Claims/Insurance Adjuster

Claims adjusters work for the insurance company and review insurance claims. Your claims adjuster is your point of contact for the insurance company.

Division of Workers’ Compensation

A state agency that regulates and oversees insurance carriers, employers,injured workers, and health care providers. The Division of Workers’ Compensation and the insurance carrier are separate entities


Every person or company who has one or more persons engaged in the same business or employment, with limited exceptions.

Injured Worker

An employee injured on the job and claiming entitlement to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Insurance Carrier

A company, association, or self-insured employer authorized to provide workers’ compensation insurance in Colorado.

Medical Provider

A person authorized to provide medical treatment to injured workers. 

Nurse Case Manager (NCM)

The claims adjuster may assign an NCM to your claim. The NCM’s involvement in your claim may include attending your appointments. You may decline the NCM’s services, and decide whether or not you want the NCM in the room during your appointments.

Office of Administrative Courts (OAC)

The OAC was created to decide workers' compensation and a variety of other cases. The OAC enables claimants and respondents to have certain disputes resolved, potentially avoiding additional time and expense.


Every person or company involved in the injured worker’s claim. This may include the claimant, employer, and/or insurance carrier.


The insurance carrier (insurer), third-party administrator (TPA), employer, and/or self-insured employer.



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